Facebook Email Messaging Service, iPhone App Update

At the Facebook press event a new service was announced, yes it is called @facebook.com Mail and a new iPhone app update is coming soon.

The new messaging system is basically a mix up of IM, email and real-time chat and will allow users to message in a whole new way where it will be simple, easy to use, informal, immediate and seamless, the new Facebook mail messages will now use current public vanity url.

It basically means that if you have a www.facebook.com/yourname URL you will have the ability to register your yourname@facebook.com vanity.

In a nutshell to make this all make sense if someone send you a message to that address you will now get it via the inbox, chat box or on your iPhone, which means your messages will be easy to find and read.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing dependant on how you feel about Facebook having all your message history of what you have been talking about with other users.

Watch the video provided below and let us know what you think about the new messaging service from Facebook. Source – RedmondPie


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