iPhone i3DG Palm Top Theatre Demo Video

It appears in the world of the smartphone 3D viewing is the future, and when I saw this iPhone gizmo that delivers on 3D viewing I just had to pass it on. It’s the i3DG Palm Top Theatre for the iPhone, and we have a video demo of the iPhone accessory for you viewing pleasure below.

This demo video comes our way courtesy of Kat Hannaford over at Gizmodo and by way of Palm Top Theatre, and delivers a two and a half minute look at the i3DG iPhone peripheral which isn’t available to purchase just yet.

As they say, it’s all done with mirrors, in this case three 45 degree mirrors that easily attach to the iPhone and apparently there’s a larger version for the Apple iPad. Although currently the i3DG only works with custom clips, but if enough developers jump aboard it could take off.

So if this has caught your interest, head on down, mash that play button and check out some 3D action on the iPhone, and to check out all the tech details hit up Palm Top Theatre…enjoy.

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