The Apple Event Today (Nov) 16, The Beatles, iTunes Love & iOS 4.2

Go visit the Apple website and you will see an image with what is going to happen today, yes an event is about to kick off. The image message says, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget. Check back here tomorrow (Obviously it says yesterday because it was put up yesterday, so now it is today) for an exciting announcement from iTunes”.

Well we all know what the announcement is going to be because it is all over the Web, the Radio etc, a few things will be mentioned today but the biggest one of them all is that Apple now has the rights to the whole Beatles catalog and it will be easily available to users on iTunes.

Apple is also getting ready its cloud version of iTunes; this new service will allow users to stream iTunes music from anywhere.

The Event will start at 7am in California, 10am in New York, 3pm in London and 12 midnight in Tokyo, we are betting that Apple will also reveal something else, could it be iOS 4.2 for public use?

What is more exciting: Getting Beatles music on iTunes or iTunes streaming? Going back on the iOS 4.2 being announced today is very slim indeed seeing as rumours are saying November 24th, but hey come on we can all hope.

Source – iDB

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