Apple iTunes The Beatles Live: Do You Really Care?

We reported a little earlier on today that at the Apple Event a few things will get mentioned like The Beatles music on iTunes at last, well we are happy to say it is now live and available.

Does bringing the Beatles to iTunes turn you on? Is it really that important? And was it a great surprise?

Well it seems to be a big deal for Apple and of course the music industry but what about us customers, is it great for us? We will bring you much more information of what iTunes has to offer, and there is a lot.

Please do let us know in the comments area provided below if The Beatles on Apple iTunes is important, do you really care?


2 thoughts on “Apple iTunes The Beatles Live: Do You Really Care?”

  1. Drath says:

    Holy Moley, I fail to understand how this is considered to be such a big deal. Sure they are iconic.. Sure they inspired.. but the fatcats blocked their inclusion in itunes for their own nefarious reasons.. I struggle to /salute them purely because they were so damn obstinate in the first place. Let us not forget these are the very people who have been making billions from stamping out toxic platters and ripping of artists in the first place.
    Big cheers for Apple for busting the roadblock, but it is only a wry smile for me.
    Unix rocks break windows… Anon

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