Black Friday Walmart 2010 Samsung 225G Phone Deal: Massive Savings

Walmart Black Friday 2010 deals are about to happen this month and there are some bargains to be had, today we visited BFads and they are showing an ad scan of the Straight Talk Unlimited Card w/ Samsung 225G Phone at Walmart for only $45.00.

Now this is a Black Friday bargain considering the Straight Talk Service Card on its own you will pay $45.00, so to throw in a free mobile phone is very good indeed.

Now the strange thing is we have searched the Web and cannot seem to find any information on the Samsung 225G mobile phone (Phone model may vary dependent on store), it is a mystery or just a complete piece of crap. The phone is listed at being $39.98, that is a good saving.

Anyway the Straight Talk Service Card offers you everything you would ever need that does not require a contract, main features include: 30 Day Plan, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Text Messages Nationwide, Straight Talk Service Card includes calls to 411 at no additional charge and Unlimited of Mobile Web Access (on Mobile Web Access enabled phones).

This Walmart deal starts at 03:00AM PST Nov 26th, 2010 and expires 12:59PM PST Nov 27th, 2010, have fun and save lots.


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