iPhone Facebook 3.3.2 Mobile Problems: Do You Have Any?

Facebook 3.3.2 for the Apple iPhone is now available to download and this minor iOS update brings a few little features and fixes to the table.

Facebook 3.3.2 for iPhone has a new help center plus privacy settings and you can now access account settings with ease without going through all the usual avenues to get to it.

This new update also fixes a bug that prevented users from uploading photos to specific albums, you can get this new update by visiting iTunes if you have not get it yet, hopefully everything is running smoothly for those that have installed it.

If you have already installed Facebook 3.3.2 for iPhone please do let us know how the download went and if you are experiencing any problems at all, your input is very important to us as it allows us to get a better knowledge of such updates to smartphones.

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9 thoughts on “iPhone Facebook 3.3.2 Mobile Problems: Do You Have Any?”

  1. Sagar says:

    THe facebook app on my iphone is almost flawless. But Almost everytime i get on the facebook chat the user's, in which i am talking to, rapidly changes from online to offline and i can not talk to them after i get off the facebook app for at least five minutes. I also merged the facebook chat with the AIM chat, will that be the cause of my problem?

  2. I have installed it on my iPhone 3G and it sucks! It works for a few minutes and it crashes. I try to start it and it wont. I deleted it, reinstalled and the same thing. This new version was not tested thoroughly, that is too obvious. Do a search online and you will see zillions of people complaining. For each happy user you will find ten complaining it's not working. Why is Apple following Microsoft's miserable pattern: get an app on the market than fix the issues based on people's complains? What happened with the good ol' testing phase? Well… I guess I should not complain, it's free, right?

  3. Peter says:

    There seems to be a major problem with 3.3.2. Video playback on iPhone 4 appears to have been compromised. A video recorded on iPhone 4 and posted via the Facebook app canning be subsequently viewed through the app. Facebook returns an error screen saying something to the effect of “this video format not supported by this device” (the same device that recorded an POSTED it!!). WTF?

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