Calls Only Anti-iPhone Phone for technophobes

Mobile phone technology has taken a step backwards with a mobile phone which has apparently been hailed as “The World’s simplest phone,” and is basically for anyone who is a technophobe or simply doesn’t want the features offered by today’s smartphones.

According to an article over on the Daily Mail, with the device which has been dubbed the “Anti-iPhone,” all the user can do is make a call, there’s no internet access, no camera, no apps, or games, no texting, does have a concealed old fashioned “Pen and Paper” address book to stock contacts.

Apparently the device is called a “John’s Phone,” and has been designed as a “tongue-in-cheek basic backlash” at targeting the mobile phone user that doesn’t want all the technology that can be found in today’s handsets.

The £67 phone Designer Diedriekje Bok, has said…”At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, we wanted to develop a simple gadget. It is also a useful phone while travelling, exercising or weekend sailing. You always reach for your close family and friends, so John’s Phone is for when the rest of the world does not matter.”

The John’s Phone features a brightly coloured facial along with large buttons which basically make it look like a toy, and it remains to be seen if today’s tech hungry populace will swap to the low-tech mobile phone.

So what do our readers think, is there room in the mobile space for such a basic low tech mobile handset that’s targeted towards kids and those that don’t like or can’t cope with smartphone technology, or is the John’s phone destined to be a dust collector?


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