New iPhone 4 Battery Focused Commercial: Video

Continuing to focus on the iPhone 4 features to sell the smartphone, Apple has now made a new iPhone 4 commercial which focuses on the iPhone 4 lithium polymer battery, and of course we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

The iPhone 4 battery commercial comes our way courtesy of Rene Ritchie over at TiPb, and last the usual 30 seconds for a TV advert, and make mention that the iPhone 4 is “the world’s thinnest smartphone.”

Thus it would appear that Apple has now moved away from “there’s an app for that” commercials and are now focusing on what features their device delivers on such as longer battery life. So does your iPhone 4 battery last longer?

The iPhone 4 may well be the world’s thinnest smartphone, but when you have to slap on that bumper case it tends to lose quite a bit of that thinness, so perhaps the claim is somewhat overstated until such times as there is no longer a need for a bumper case.

That’s it, all you need do now is head on down, mash that play button and check out the latest iPhone 4 commercial…enjoy.

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