Will Apple Announcement November 16 Involve iOS 4.2 Update?

At 3PM UK time the Apple Event will kick off and there will be a number of announcements like one we already know, and that is Apple iTunes will have the whole Beatles catalog.

Ok so we know about the Beatles catalog, and we also know about the cloud version of iTunes, which will allow users to stream iTunes music from anywhere. So far so good, but surely Apple will not just mention these two new services.

We are going all out on a whim here and got to ask the solid gold question; Will Apple announce the new iOS 4.2 today?

One hour and 30 minutes to go and all will be revealed at the Apple Event, if you have any other suggestions as to what will be announced please do post them in the comments area below, in the meantime we would like to hear from you about anything to do with Apple.

Have you got problems with Apple Products, what is your favourite product, and is the iOS 4.2 announcement going to be the biggest of the year. Just another thought, do you reckon they will announce the Verizon iPhone? OK it was a long shot question but hey come on its worth asking.


8 thoughts on “Will Apple Announcement November 16 Involve iOS 4.2 Update?”

  1. Vendetta91 says:

    So far no sign of is 4.2 which i find disappointing as i've been looking forward to having multi-tasking on my ipad along with wireless printing. November is nearing its' end and i'd very much like to see the new ios rolled out sooner rather than later. Perhaps a lot of people are glad to have the beatles on itunes, but personally I didn't see this as any "exciting announcement."

  2. Stephen says:

    I've had 4 new iphone 3GS in less than 4 weeks due to the 4.1 update. I wish I had left my phone on the last 3.1 revision. Can't connect any device to the phone otherwise it corrupts the firmware and puts the phone into restore mode which doesn't complete.

  3. Apple says:

    I can understand people concerns about the beatles but what you have to remember this band is one of the most iconic of their time, and have influenced many greats. But as for ios 4.2 it does says coming in November. guess we will have to just wait. Good things come to those who wait (as my mother would say) l

  4. Peter says:

    why the hell apple is creating too much scene to release ios 4.2..are they afraid of the hackers…foolish apple is proving themselves that they r not for the customer ..selfish…

  5. Ian McCue says:

    To tell you the truth i could care less about the beatles!!! I want the update and thats it, so just tell us when the update will be and thats it!!! Why is it so hard to say when it will be! But anyway I will wait like everyone else>>

  6. Justin Time says:

    Boy, what sad lives – waiting for a phone/music player operating system is the most exciting thing to happen to you! And the phrase is "out on a limb" in English. That is, English as spoken by and invented in England, not the strange, corrupted versionknown as "American English"

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