Pushpins App for iPhone

Pushpins for iOS devices is a new coupon application for the iPhone and iPod Touch which enables shoppers to save cash and earn rewards on the spot when shopping at over 2,000 grocers across the United States and brings a fresh approach to mobile coupons and rewards.

The Pushpins app for iPhone delivers instant rewards and coupons to perople who use their iOS device to scan UPC barcodes, and Pushpins is currently supported by over 2000 stores across the nation and includes such stores as Safeway, Vons, Dominick’s, Pavilions, ShopRite, Carrs, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Genuardi’s.

With the Pushpins application, users have the ability to “check in” at their local grocery store to start scanning products and the Pushpins app will instantly return a list of coupons for the scanned products then customers can add those coupons to any store reward club card or issued savings. Then at the checkout the user just swipes their store card and savings are instantly deducted and show on the receipt.

CEO and co-founder of Pushpins, Jason Gurwin says, “Pushpins are just like the coupons you used to clip, but now we make it as simple as a scan and a swipe to instantly save money on your favourite products. The best part is that Pushpins users get real savings from their very first day and every single time they shop.”

Pushpins app for iPhone is available as a free application which can be downloaded from iTunes, and we have a video demonstration of how to use Pushpins for your viewing pleasure below.

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