App-sources iPhone and iPad Marketplace

There seems to be a new unique source code marketplace where mobile application developers can sell source code of their apps multiple times, and is a good way of earning extra income for developer products which delivered not enough cash in the App Store.

Through App-sources, iPhone app developers have the ability to purchase source code of existing applications which means the buyer can ship new products to the App Store is several days rather than take months.

Furthermore, application developers can even purchase numerous apps and mix the code to come up with a new application, and App-sources uses Facebook for authentication so the user doesn’t have to go through extra keystrokes or clicks to begin buying and selling code.

App-sources marketplace uses Paypal for payments and pay out and has a 20 percent commission for holding the code, reviewing code, and featuring it in several places, and the number of times the same source code can be sold is unlimited.

Furthermore, on checking App-sources there are sections for iOS code, Android code, Symbian code and other code, so perhaps not just for iPhone developers.

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