Android Will Win Smartphone Wars Says Wozniak

The Android platform is spreading across the mobile space at a rapid rate and even the iPhone and the iOS platform can’t stop Android from ultimately dominating the mobile arena, and apparently Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak agrees.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, Steve Wozniak gave an interview to Dutch newspaper De Telegraph and Wozniak hit upon other mobile operating systems comparing Android with Microsoft’s Windows PC platform and that Android would “ultimately end up winning the smartphone wars and become the mobile leader.”

The reason for this Wozniak gave as “Android phones have more features.” Wozniak also called Nokia a “brand of the previous generation.”

On the Apple side of things Wozniak made mention of Apple’s first attempt at a mobile phone which failed although in collaboration with a Japanese consumer electronics company as phone was made in 2004, but apparently shelved as Apple “wanted something that would amaze the world,” and thus the rest is iPhone history.

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