Black Friday 2010: iPhone Apps can find that Bargain

We are getting closer to that bargain hunting time know over in the states as Black Friday, a time when virtually everyone is on the lookout for a great deal, and none more so than with smartphones.

And if you use your smartphone to search for Black Friday deals there are several mobile apps available. Thus Jonny Evans of Computer World has come up with a list of several mobile applications that will assist in your hunt for that Black Friday 2010 bargain.

So here they are…first up is the Black Friday 2010 app for iPhone a free app from iTunes and gives the user a look at all the official ads along with news and data from Deals News.

Next is the RedLaser app again for the iPhone and again a free download from iTunes and is a real-time scanner which means that if you find a product you’re after you can wave your iPhone to scan the barcode and you’ll receive a price comparison so you’ll know if you are getting the best deal.

Another app for the iPhone is Layar, again a free app from iTunes and is an augmented reality app whereby you point your iPhone at anything and you get results which could be coupons for local stores and the like, which come in handy Black Friday.

And of course not forgetting the eBay app for iPhone as even before and after Black Friday 2010 you’ll always want to be able to check out the latest deal busting auctions.

So there are just a few app that you can use on your iPhone to hunt down a bargain come Black Friday 2010, but of course if our readers have any more apps that find bargains feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.

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