Apple iPad or Macbook Air, which One? Video

We have a video comparison for your viewing pleasure today that takes a look at the Apple iPad up against the Apple Macbook Air and asks the question which of these Apple products would suit you best.

The video which can be viewed below comes our way courtesy of Georgia over at TiPb and is the first TiPb TV episode and lasts almost eleven minutes and in the video Rene and Georgia discuss the pros and cons of both the iOS Apple iPad and the Mac OS X Macbook Air..

The subjects dealt with include keyboard verse multitouch, browsing verses production, storage, speed, probability, productivity and battery life and which device is better for reading and watching.

So if you are in two minds whether to opt for an Apple iPad over an Apple Macbook air or vice versa then head on down, mash that play button and check out this comparison between the Apple iPad and Macbook Air…enjoy.


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