Verizon Microsoft KIN Phones Make Comeback

I bet many thought Microsoft and Verizon had killed off these two KIN mobile handsets, but it appears they have now been resurrected from the mobile gave to once again surf the Verizon waves for the younger generation. This time round though the Microsoft KIN phones have added an “m” to their handles.

However the KIN’s are back according to an article over on Engadget by Vlad Savov, and with new pricing as well, apparently this time round the Microsoft Kin ONEm costs $20 based on a two year agreement while the Microsoft Kin TWOm will set you back $50.

But not only can you grab one of the KIN phones at the new lesser price but also is part of Verizon’s BOGOF offer whereby you get a free LG Ally for signing away your life to that 2 year agreement.

There are also some plans which begin at $40 for voice while although a $10 data plan is advertised the lowest the guys could find at the moment is $15 for 150MB data per month.

We all know the way the original Microsoft KIN phones went, so do you think these new KIN phones will go the same way or will they make more of a splash this time round?

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