WebOS 2.0 All Palm Device Update Coming: Intro Video

If you are one of the people who went out and purchased a Palm smartphone before the company was acquired by HP, you might be wondering if your device will ever see an OS update to the latest webOS 2.0 or if you are just stuck with what you’ve got.

Well apparently there’s no need to wonder anymore as according to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner, Palm’s Josh Marinacci, has stated that all webOS devices will see an update to webOS 2.0 “in the coming months.”

Now obviously “in the coming months” isn’t that specific and it could be quite some time before all Palm devices are updated, but at least those who own and older handset now know that eventually they will gain and operating system update.

And if you want to get introduced to HP webOS 2.0 we have a video of the introduction to webOS 2.0 for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Pre Central which lasts almost an hour so set aside some time…enjoy.

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