Rogers False Advertising Claim May Cost a Bundle: UPDATE

A little white ago Rogers Wireless set up a new sub-brand named Chatr which was meant to compete for local, no contract, cheap, unlimited service against the likes of Mobilicity and Wind Mobile, and Rogers started advertising “fewer dropped calls that new wireless carriers.”

Well advertising such as that apparently hasn’t sat too well the Competition Bureau of Canada according to an article over on Intomobile by Simon Sage, and thus the CBC is asking the Superior Court of Ontario for several judgements.

The CBC wants the Superior Court to make Rogers Wireless halt the advertising campaign along with engaging in any similar campaigns, hand over an admin monetary penalty of a whopping $10 million, inform the public of any orders issued against them and pay restitution to any affected customers.

Of course this case is only just being placed before the court, and no doubt Rogers will have a large team of lawyers gearing up to fight their side, but will probably pull back a tad on such advertising in the meantime. However if the court sides with the CBC it may cost Rogers quite a bundle.

UPDATE: We had an email sent to us via someone on the Rogers Social Media team, the email contained a press release, read it below:

Rogers Communications Comments on Today’s Competition Bureau Announcement

Toronto, ON (November 19, 2010) – Rogers Communications commented today on the actions of the Competition Bureau regarding chatr wireless. “We’re surprised by the actions of the Competition Bureau,” said Ken Engelhart, Senior Vice President of Regulatory, Rogers Communications. “We have extensive, independent third party testing to validate our claims and we stand by our advertising. We will vigorously defend this action in court.”

“We’ve completed extensive testing in coverage areas across the country and there’s no question that the testing validates the advertising in market,” said Todd Stone, President & CEO, Score Technologies.

Score Technologies is an independent third party organization that specializes in network testing for leading wireless carriers across North America. About Rogers Communications Inc

Rogers Communications is a diversified Canadian communications and media company. We are engaged in wireless voice and data communications services through Wireless, Canada’s largest wireless provider. Through Cable, we are one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television services as well as high-speed Internet access and telephony services. Through Media, we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, televised shopping, magazines and trade publications, and sports entertainment. We are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI). For further information about the Rogers group of companies, please visit www.rogers.com


2 thoughts on “Rogers False Advertising Claim May Cost a Bundle: UPDATE”

  1. the mechanic says:

    … $10 million??? for what? did rogers cause a fatal food poisoning outbreak? did rogers perpetrate a devastating oil spill? $10 million for doing nothing more than boasting about how good its product is in advertising material? holy smokes! since when is that illegal? the crooked federal government of canada really is shot to hell …

    … this malicious prosecution was brought not by unsatisfied rogers customers but by the lawless canadian government which is being used by two of rogers’ competitors to unfairly attack the company with hateful litigation. in actual fact, the CUSTOMERS of rogers are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the product rogers is selling …

    … and why has the corrupt canadian government agreed to assist two of rogers’ rivals by undertaking a malicious prosecution against the beloved canadian institution? the reason is because the bankrupt stephen harper government is so flat broke it will go to any extreme to find easy cash, including by laying false charges against wealthy companies like this fabricated charge against rogers communications …

  2. ce4 says:

    Rogers is bullshit…. i have a low speed internet with intermittent service being over billed for over usage so we double the service get more for more of our dollar.. only to have more intermittent problems with service and continuously over billed due to their so called over usage… now as i see… im not the only one going through these problems…..

    Yeah, Rogers really blows but they are still head and shoulders above Bell. Bell has both shit service and customer service!

    Rogers cell phones go over $300 per month (with all those “cost savings” additions. Then tack on the home phone, and internet et voila = $$$$

    I tried the Extreme Plus Service, I left it because I was receiving 8-11 mbps download. They said that the connection was perfect that it must be “THE INTERNET” in general for the poor speeds. Of course the INTERNET isn’t responsible for the results fro their very own speed tests. The funny things was that I was getting better speeds from the Extreme Service over the Extreme Plus service. Needless to say I switched back to the Extreme due to performance and the fact that I was going to be billed for over usage.

    OVERUSAGE? Then why offer the Extreme Plus?? If you don’t want people to go fast then don’t offer it. No matter how they spin it they are light years away from Asia and making less money to boot. Why don’t they follow their lead?

    What we need is some stiff competition to put them all in check.

    BTW – I have been calling Rogers 1-2 per month pertaining to some issue or another in respect to billing. I have been doing this for over a year and have saved hundreds of dollars in overbilling.
    Watch those cell phone bills!


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