Apple iPad Clone, ePad Handled on Video

As with everything Apple sooner or later the Chinese copy guys clone it, and this time it’s the Apple iPad which has been cloned and is being touted as the ePad, and we have a hands-on video of the ePad for your viewing pleasure below.

The ePad review video comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo and Jon unboxes the ePad with his opening words “a product so crappy I can’t wait to share it with you.”

Jon thinks the ePad runs Android 2.1, but appears to sport the Internet Explorer logo on its box, and has a Windows logo in the top corner, and this is just on the box before even getting to the ePad itself. Jon also says the ePad isn’t probably worth even the price of the box it comes in so don’t consider picking one up if you ever get the chance.

So to check out that Apple iPad knockoff ePad, skip on down, and punch the play button but don’t laugh too much at this rather feeble attempt to replicate something like the Apple iPad…enjoy.


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