Free Apple iPad for Two Black Friday 2010 Campers

Does it pay to camp out early to grab that wanted Black Friday 2010 deal? In some cases it would seem so, as two families who are the first to start their Black Friday camp out one week early outside Best Buy in St Petersburg, Florida have been given a reward.

According to an article over on The Daily Mail, the Thains and the Davenports set up their Black Friday 2010 stake out so they are the first in the queue has paid off because the managers of Best Buy presented mothers Lone Davenports and Tina Thain with an Apple iPad each for being the first.

Both iPad gift receivers said, “We just wanted to be sure the early bird got the worm. It’s almost like getting together for your Thanksgiving dinner. This is our Thanksgiving celebration.”

Sounds like an excellent way to get shoppers to queue early this Black Friday, handing out free iPads, perhaps more retailers should reward early campers this way. So any of our readers going to be camping out early this Black Friday to pick up that bargain smartphone?


2 thoughts on “Free Apple iPad for Two Black Friday 2010 Campers”

  1. I totally agree Andy! What kind of family holiday tradition is that and what precedent does it set for their children? If I walked up to my local Best Buy today only to find this happening I don’t know that I would be pleased…or shop!

    I would also wonder about local ordinances that would ALLOW such a thing to occur…since when may people camp anywhere?

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