Android Reveal App Counters Secret SMS Replicator

There was somewhat of a commotion when the Secret SMS Replicator app was available in the Android Market and even though Google eventually kicked the offending app from the Market no doubt some Android users managed to download the app much to other Android user’s concerns.

The Secret SMS Replicator covertly and automatically forwards SMS messages from a host handset to their owner of the app’s mobile phone, which obviously causes concern for any Android user as they don’t want they SMS’s snooped on.

Thus there is a new Android app now available called “Reveal” which protects against the SMS Replicator app. According to Minhaz Chowdburry, the app’s lead developer, with Reveal for Android the apps functions enables it to check your device to see if Secret SMS Replicator has been unwittingly installed and if it is it will be revealed so the user can uninstall the covert app.

Furthermore, the development team behind Reveal for Android actually built the Secret SMS Replicator app, and thus Zak Tanieloff, the CEO of DLP Mobile has said “We got a lot of constructive feedback, and wanted concerned people to be able to protect themselves and their privacy.”

The team has also now “re-purposed” Secret SMS Replicator as SMS Nanny which apparently helps parents keep an eye on their kid’s text messages.

So if you are somewhat concerned that Secret SMS Replicator has been covertly installed on your Android device you can download Reveal for Android from the Android Market at a cost of $2.99.

Having said that, if the developers are really concerned that Android users are worried over Secret SMS Replicator wouldn’t they have released Reveal for Android as a free app?

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