HTC Wildfire Message Thread Deletion Problems

The HTC Wildfire smartphone has been out a while now and whilst many users love this handset there are a few customers that are finding problems and we are calling out to those that are.

We have had quite a few comments and emails sent in to us mentioning about problems with the HTC Wildfire and one of these issues surrounds the ‘Message Thread Deletion’.

Trying to delete multiple thread messages is proving to be a complete nightmare; one reader said that they tried for 35 minutes to delete their message threads without any luck at all. Apparently the mobile phone just sits there with a busy icon spinning & doing nothing else – yet another re-boot is in order.

We would love for all HTC Wildfire smartphone owners to step forward and let us know if you are experiencing the same problem as of above, scroll down to the comments area below and give us your input. Thanks


81 thoughts on “HTC Wildfire Message Thread Deletion Problems”

  1. Not got that precise one but if I delete a message on my HTC Wildfire, its still in my Hotmail Account when I get back to my PC, despite me ticking the delete from server option. Annoying when you think youve dealt with your messages while youve been away.

  2. James Michington says:

    My issue is with sending messages on my 6 day old HTC Desire Z. I imported 2,000 messages from my Nokia E71. Now, when I click the “send” button, it just sits there with a modal dialog box saying “Please wait…” for 15 seconds (if I’m very lucky) to several minutes (more usual).. pressing the “Home” or “Back” buttons results in the message being saved as a draft, not sent.

  3. Alyce says:

    Same issue, message threads larger than about 200 can not be deleted as the whole phone freezes, re-boots then doesn't work for about 20-30 following this.

  4. tlamb says:

    I have been having trouble deleting threads. It takes FOREVER when it does delete them and when it doesn't the phone freezes up and I have to shut it off. Also, I my phone has started shutting itself off every once in a while.

  5. Kanin says:

    I got the same problem, i got 5 conversations with over 1000 messages.. and it TOTALLY fcks my wildfire up.. can hardly send messages.. and it has been trying to delete for over 3 hours now and nothing happens.

  6. jodie says:

    i have the same problem. I have threads with over 1000 messages in each and when you select to delete them the phone freezes for half an hour. After resetting the phone you find out its taken all that time to delete 30 texts. waste of time

  7. Fraser says:

    I have this issue, mines about 5 months old now, I have one message thread which is 3000 messages long which I concede is quite excessive, when attempting to delete this the service hangs, and basically doesnt do it, if I do it from outside the message thread it does nothing at all. Now if I send a message from inside the thread the message won't appear there until the next message is sent/recieved at which point it wont display (obviously a buffering issue of some kind – or a pointer error)

    The screen lags alot when trying to load this thread and whilst typing within it I get alot of message lag.

    Finally alot of this spawned when I took the last patch which (rather unrelatedly but still unimpressed with it) removed my 3g wireless settings meaning I have no internet until I can be bothered sorting that. I was very happy with my phone up until this patch which seems to have removed great chunks of functionality (currently running 2.2.1 )

  8. David James 'B' Kitcher says:

    I am a happy HTC Wildfire owner. I have had my phone for 4 months now and I have started taking a disliking to it, I mean the phone is great but something needs to be done about these messages!

    In 1 thread i had 3 messages, in another I had 184, I deleted the thread with 184 messages in about 3 minutes, the thread with 3 messages in took just under an hour…
    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Also, I have 1 thread with 5170 messages in it. For some reason this will not delete this at all, not even 1 message.

    I need help PLEEAAASSEEEEE!!!

    Other than this its an amazing phone 🙂

  9. Davey G says:

    Having same issue, phone started to get a bit slow, so thought I'd delete some message threads (only 200 – 500, not in the thousands) – but phone jams, have to shut off and on, and messages wont delete. Can't find a solution. Its a shame, coz otherwise is a REALLY good phone.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been having the same issue with trying to delete thread messages. After I have tried this, my phone stops allowing me access to any of my messages! I love the phone other than this!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have been having the same issue with trying to delete thread messages. After I have tried this, my phone stops allowing me access to any of my messages! I love the phone other than this!

  12. Anna Sheppard says:

    I have the same problem. My phone is being really slow, mainly with messages. I asked a guy in a T Mobile shop and he said I had too many messages. But when I try to delete them it just has the spinning icon and doesn’t do anything. So what am I supposed to do?! So annoying.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Im having the same problem. i left it deleting whilst i went to bed the other night when i woke up 8 hours later messages were still attempting to delete…. I dont know what else i can do

  14. Yeah, my messages wont delete, and having such a big thread is slowing my whole phone down, it wont even let me delete single messages within the thread! i need help ): And i also left it deleting when i went to sleep, woke up, no luck..

  15. Natalie White says:

    Same problem. Also having a problem sending messages now. It’s freezing as I send a message, so I don’t even know if it’s sent. Anyone else getting this?

  16. Monagle18 says:

    I have a solution that has allowed me to clear messages off my phone, however it still takes a fair amount of time.
    Goto the Market and search for the app “SMS Quick Delete”. Download and install this.
    Now when you open it up, you have the ability to delete single messages, multiple messages, Single threads and multiple threads.
    I would suggest doing this before you goto sleep, as it will take several hours, especially if you decide to delete 1000 messages. You may have to do this over a few nights as I have found, the Maximum amount I recommend deleting at a time is 1000, because more then this may take more then the time you sleep for.
    Hope this has been able to help several of you with your problem

  17. Andie says:

    I have the Wildfire S and I am still having all of the problems that you folks have listed. You’d think it would be better wouldn’t you. I’m quite annoyed as these problems should have been sorted instead of still being there on the new model.
    I’m going to attempt Monagle18’s solution but I tried to delete a thread of only 4 messages and I had no luck after an hour and a half. I had to take the phone apart because even when I turned the phone off and back on it was still ‘deleting’ – crashed in other words as it wasn’t even deleting them. I ended up deleting those 4 by going through the Contacts screen and accessing the messages with said contact that way.
    This is ridiculous, I have a thread of over 3000 that I could do with getting rid of but by this rate it would take weeks. My phone storage is so low that I have no unnecessary apps on there and need to delete the messages in order to free space. But deleting them doesn’t work. How am I meant to fix the problem when the phone doesn’t function properly. Wholly unimpressed to say the least. I would not recommend this phone.

  18. Killerjack_101 says:

    That problem would be me! I have a close friend who I speak to and I have over 1450 towards her name, now I believe the messages were slowing my phone down, I go to delete, I’m stuck with the same screen as you meantion above, I love for someone to tell me how to delete these messages. I’ve heard about putting a cap on the number of text you can have to one name i shall try that, but i’m hopnig you could just plug a lead in then BLAM!…done…who knows?

  19. htcuser says:

    i have exactly the same problem! it starts telling me that i have no space left so i have to delete messages, but then it won;t let me and i’m left not being able to recieve any messages because it simply won;t let me get rid of my old ones! 

  20. Taz says:

    yes same problem here, it will delete very short threads but anything more i get the force close option and no messages deleted, this a little frustrating to say the least as it is slowing my phone down majorly… does any one know how to solve the problem?

  21. Emiliajones says:

    yes im experiecing the same problem, i have a wildfire s and I have waited all night to find that the next morning my messages are stil deleting. I checked to see if it was because I had so many messages, but the same thing happened when i only tried to delete one message. I now cant even open my message folder as al it says is, ‘force close’ please help. getting angry. goodbye. oxoxoxoxoxo

  22. Kayrchrds says:

    I also had this problem and spent far too much time deleting single messages and vowing to never let a thread get that big again. I read somewhere about putting a cap on the amount you can have..did this by, going to main message screen, menu, option to cap messages to 200. Which resulted in the huge thread that was slowing my phone down, being deleted!!!!!!! Hooray. I did have to turn off the phone and remove that battery for a minute, but it worked!!!

  23. Em says:

    Yup i have that problem, left it over night but the spinning icon was STILL there…some days later it mysteriously deleted just a few of the messages in the thread. Damn you htc! 

  24. Jamie simpson says:

    honestly i would say this is the worst phone i have ever owned, i have all the same problems as everyone else, it sometimes takes a few minutes to even show my message folder, and even then the messages are from the previous week, i can’t delete any, i had to turn off my internet as the phone was sending data all the time and costing me a bomb and also the camera is shockingly bad! They should have an update of a recall! 

  25. Joannevasey says:

    if u make sure all your numbers are transfered onto your sim card then change sim card for a blank one and do a factory reset it will delete all messages when restored. put your sim card back in and all messages are gone 🙂

  26. Rhys says:

    HTC Wildfire same issue, have 4 threads of messages i just can’t delete as freezes on me. Now have over 4000 messages in one, have now put a cap on the messages but still have to try and get rid as low space!!!

  27. johnmoore says:

    add sms cleaner from the market app, choose which ones you want to delete and leave it over night, my htc has suddenly become so much faster, and it was insanely slow before 

  28. tas says:

    having the same problem with htc wildfire, i have been waiting for a thread to delete for 9hours!!!!! i left it to do its thing over night and it still hasnt. im angry and annoyed, although i love my htc, this phone message deleting problem is so irratating i will NOT purchase another!

  29. Kirsyt227 says:

    I tried to delete 3000 texts yesterday off my HTC Wildfire. I have not been waiting for 15 hours for the texts to finish deleting. I’ve tried to stop anymore from being deleted but the phone.won’t let me

  30. Lg- says:

    I have a thread over 5000 waited for it to delete for 2 whole days! Nothing! I did try to deleter messages when it was at 2000 and not such luck now it takes 3 minutes to open the thread to this person and 5 minutes to send a text to them! Am trying the sms cleaner so fingers crossed but nothing yet, I think the phone is past saving..

  31. Jlyne says:

    yes i have the same problem! it takes several minutes to load into inbox, then another several minutes to go into a message, then another several minutes for the message to send! my htc wildfire is very slow! my threads wont delete and when i try im always forced to take out the battery! also my phone randomly just shuts off and sometimes loading a message takes so long im forced to turn it off and back on because it freezes for up an hour once!

  32. Cjrockprincess says:

    same, i’ve had the phone for exactly a week and a day and i have 900 texts on there and its started to go slow so i thought i know i’ll delete so spent half hour (locking) the ones i wanted to keep only to be dismayed when i pressed delete thread. it sat there spinning then said, blah blah application failed to respond with two click options of ‘force close’ or ‘wait’. wait does nothing just sits and i’ve tried 3 times.. not happy

  33. Mark Jamieson says:

    I have the same issue and the phone keeps hanging now, I don’t know if this is connected.
    It hangs when trying to delete but as also started to hang randomly

  34. JimmyWoberts says:

    My phone is so annoying and won’t delete my messages whatever i try. I have 6000 msgs for one contact and its seriously slowing down my phone. Any solutions?

  35. Hi all, I’ve been going out of my mind with this for a while.  However, I just read on Android Forums about an app called History Eraser, that deletes sms off the phone. Am about to try it now…

  36. Ksmith says:

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve had this phone for almost two years now. I’ve sat here and tried to delete a thread of 5,000 msgs for about 4hrs and it did not delete any of them!! Even tried deleting a thread of only 20 msgs and it didn’t work.

  37. MH says:

    I have this problem, it’s absolutely ridiculous! I have had to leave my phone overnight to delete threads sometimes, all because the phone can’t handle threads of more than about 10 messages. I emailed HTC about it maybe a year or so ago and they basically said that it wasn’t a big enough problem to create an update for the messaging application, so maybe everyone should get on their backs. Ridiculous.

  38. Steven-vdp says:

    I have the exact same problem + two other problems problems:

    – When I click on the conversation thread I wish to view in messages,
    sometimes a random thread will load instead. I would understand if it
    was the thread that was, say, directly under or above the desired
    thread, but sometimes it will be a conversation that is far down the

    – And then a more complicated problem: when i send a message to someone and i look in that thread, the message is there (which means it has been sent to the person i wanted it to be sent). But then, later, i get a message from someone else like: “I suppose that message wasn’t meant for”. I look in that thread but it says I haven’t even send that person a message…

    so this conversation has already 60 comments, and after i posted mine, one more…


    1. Toddythecat says:

       I have the same problem, I think it shows the inverted thread, so if you pick the top thread it will then select the bottom one on the screen, i find using the scroller button at the bottom of the phone seems to be more accurate.

      The second issue i’ve never had, I have had a sort of inverted problem where it sends to the right person, but then decides to put my message in another thread.

  39. Plot13lesnes says:

    My phone keeps alerting me to a new message from a famous pizza company and there is no message. Whenever i switch on the phone a new message alert tells me the same thing but there is no new message. I cant delete the message alert or stop it popping up. Sometimes this alert happens every couple of minutes. Am taking the phone back Monday.

  40. Kat says:

    Exactly the same problem, my phone is storing thousands of messages, won’t delete threads and even opens the wrong messages some times when i click on one…. it has been known to send texts to the wrong people too – even though it displays to me the correct person! Nightmare. Currently using the History eraser app as recommended below by A Lady Bear. Fingers crossed!

    1. Mad_person4 says:

      I have also had the problem where it has sent texts to the wrong person, even though I replied to the correct persons text, so there should have been no room for error.

  41. Mad_person4 says:

    I cant find a way to delete multiple texts and it takes ages deleting them one at a time. The battery is dying after just 5 months, the touch screen keyboard is a pain – it is way too easy to touch another letter by mistake and way too hard to go back to a point in the text message to add/delete words. Should have been designed for use with a stylus like most touch phones.
    Cannot figure out how to switch phone on to loudspeaker. Alarm is a nighmare. My other phone gave snooze options as the alarm went off – to have it go off again in 10 mins, 20 mins, 1 hour etc – so you could vary it each time it went off if you wished. This does not have that, but the most annoying thing about the alrm is that you can accidentally switch off the snooze – I have been nearly late for work on a couple of ocassions because I thought I put it on snooze, but instead I must have held it too long or dragged my finger down it slightly and it resulted in turning the alarm off! Also, the handbook shows the symbols shown on the top of the phone, but I have had several that are not shown in the handbook and I have no idea what they are! The handbook that came with it is very basic – not detailed enough, so I had to look online. Another complaint is that – and this is a total pain – you have to remove the back each time you need to take the memory card out.

    On the plus side, the free apps are great (though some take forever to load) and I love the weather icon, camera, network and connection options. It is also easier than my last phone to transfer data to a pc. I love the data/charging cable – brilliant design, as is the battery saver.

  42. Mad_person4 says:

    Why does this phone have a call barring option, when all it really means is that the phone does not ring – the caller gets diverted to your voicemail. I now have tons of unwanted messages on my voicemail. How annoying!

  43. H Smith8 says:

    YUP, same problem – I can’t delete messages … either multiple or single – the phone just crashes. I tried leaving it overnight with the busy icon – NOTHING! Only way to get the busy icon to go is to shut the phone down. Nightmare! 🙁

  44. Hallelys says:

    Same problem! Cant delete anything, whole phone freezes and doesn’t work. It then doesn’t recieve messages until you turn your phone off then on.

  45. Davie Davies says:

    I have the same thread deletion probs. I have two texts up, it has taken 4mins to load them, then after 4more mins I get “Sorry. Application Messages (in process com.androd.mms) is not responding”. .. “Force close” or “Wait”. 
    This will go on all night never getting to delete anything! The more texts that pile up in history, the slower the phone works .. getting beyond a joke!!!

  46. Ali says:

    Sometimes when i send a message, the reply will go above the one i sent, like they sent it before me. Sometimes i have thought they ignored me, when they had actually replied but i thought it was sent before, then i end up ignoring them.
    Sometimes it goes in the right place.
    I have tried resetting my phone, but it didn’t work.

    What can i do?

  47. I haven’t been able to delete any messages in months, it will let me delete single messages, but not a whole conversation. When I try to delete them I have waited for my phone for over 12 hours, and no messages are deleted, it just stays with a busy sign spinning, so I have to turn it off, and then turn it back on.. Then a couple days ago, I realized that it wouldn’t let me send messages! what now happends is that I will send a message, but no message will come up, but the message has been sent? So I have conversations where there is no messages from me, yet the other person is still recieving them?! Also, if I take a picture, it won’t come up in my pictures, my photos are not full, and it takes the pictures because it comes up in the smaller screen in the left hand corner when I’m taking them,but won’t come up in ‘my photos’ It is really bugging me now, and I feel regretful for getting the HTC Wildfire, is there any way of fixing this, or do I need to get a new phone?

  48. Sarah Cordie says:

    I have the same problems that everyone is stating here. Have no idea what to do about it though… Have thougt about buying a new phone bu it’s expensive and who knows what’s wrong with that one. Any solutions yet on the problems? Is this only with the Wildfire model or also with order versions?

  49. stupidlypatientthusfar says:

    Finding this phone to be a complete nightmare.  The excuse of my phone is being ridiculous is just becoming more than tiresome and actually way more embarrassing as there is always something just slightly wrong with it and it now looks like I am making it up.  Incoming calls – often can’t pick them up – the touch screen won’t let me.   Typing texts – far too easy to slip into general search by resting hand on right hand side.  Won’t allow to delete ‘threads’ of messages – although says phone data almost up.  Can’t figure out a simple way of storing msgs on computer.  Weirdly bluetooth set up harder than anticipated and the best way to transfer data.  Forget google.  Deleted most pictures to release memory for it to work.  Hasn’t helped.  Now I know for sure people are sending me texts and it’s not coming up – this is having a bigger impact – not just socially but job wise.  Battery is stupidly pathetic now.  Screen broke way too easily.    Not enough space,  to store many applics without it slowing up.  So no point in it being smart.  So slow at loading wifi/internet pages that they timeout by the time you get there.   I reeeeeally hate this phone.  Go back to old school nokia with an a-z and your laptop with dongle perhaps and chuck it.  Shame some greedy so and so mugged me for my iphone.   

    HTC you suck.  I would prefer not to slag you off so, but I am well and truly fed up of you taking up my time.  

    Good luck – have patience. 

  50. Helen says:

    I have the same problem, I can wait up to an hour with the busy icon spinning around and not being able to use my phone. Then it finally finishes and the messages are still there! This really is the worst phone I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get rid of it. Would never get another HTC.

  51. Beth says:

    Yes i have been having the same problem, i have even left my phone deleting messages over a whole night and when i have woken up in the morning the messages have still not deleted even if the thread only has 5 messages in it. I have also had troubles loading my messages when i click on someones messages it will go onto someones completely different and this can be very frustrating when trying to reply quickly. When i first brought this phone i loved it and now it just annoys me as it has gone down hill. Don’t think i will be buying a HTC again :/

  52. GDHMAN714 says:

    I was having the same problem with my messages. I accessed them by opening messages, long-tap on actual thread, message options box comes up, select Delete. Got spinning icon and phoned crashed. BUT…if you open messages, push ‘menu’, select ‘delete’ and then select the thread you want to delele by marking with an ‘X’, IT DELETES! I deleted threads with over 1000 messages in a few minutes, the other way non were deleted in hours and had to take the battery out. Hope it works for you!

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