Apple iOS 4.2 Previewed in Pictures

As most of the iPhone faithful are aware although Apple has released iOS 4.2.1 GM it still isn’t quite clear just when the iPhone toting public will be able to download the latest iOS to their device, and Apple hasn’t let out any official word on what features can be expected.

However, the guys over at ZDnet have downloaded the developer version and installed it onto their iPhone 4 and have apparently found numerous goodies on offer in iOS 4.2 and they have of course taken several pictures which can be viewed by checking out their website.

They do stipulate though that there’s nothing “particularly earth shattering” but there are new personalisation options, added functionality and interface tweaks whilst the Apple iPad will gain extra changes with iOS 4.2.

So what are the goodies? Well there’s a new master volume control which can be accessed via the home screen, while a user has been able to initiate a call in a text threat thy can now go straight to a FaceTime conversation too, the ability to select multiple images and send direct to a connected printer.

The voice icon in IOS 4.2 has been revamped, the ability to search for text on a Safari page in the standard Google Search box, clicking on the page results bar will show related highlighted text, adjust ring and alert tone volume buttons now on left spine in settings, 17 new alert tones, new parental control options, and the ability to “like and dislike” YouTube videos by clicking the comments button on the YouTube page.

So there you have it a few of the new things iOS 4.2 will bring to the iPhone, are there any other things our readers would like to see in iOS 4.2 if so feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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