Official iOS 4.2 Release Today: Are you Excited?

So the word doing the rounds at the moment will no doubt be of some interest to the Apple faithful and that word is that the latest Apple operating system, the official iOS 4.2 will be released by Apple sometime today as reported by my colleague Mark, (here).

We do know some of the reported features in iOS 4.2 such as Find My iPhone now becoming free for certain iOS devices which I reported on earlier (here).

And according to Apple, “the most advanced mobile operating system, is available today to download for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch,” which should definitely indicate that the Apple faithful will indeed gain iOS 4.2 at some stage today.

According to the Apple announcement the release of iOS 4.2 will make the iPad a “completely new product” which will “define the target that other tablets aspire to,” Steve Jobs words not mine.

However the majority of the announcement seems to deal with a great deal of Apple iPad features such as AirPlay and AirPrint, and the ability to rent TV programs from iTunes although there has been recent word that AirPrint may have been delayed.

So with the release of iOS 4.2 it seems to be mainly about the Apple iPad gaining hundreds of features while basically the iPhone seems to have been left out in the cold somewhat. But if you own an iPad looks like it will be your lucky day.

So our question is; are you excited about the release of iOS 4.2? Should all iOS 4.2 features come to all iOS devices? And of course if you do download iOS 4.2 and have any issues when installing please feel free to voice your concerns in our comments area below.

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