iPhone 4 AirPrint iOS 4.2.1 Video demo

Now that Apple has released iOS 4.2 iPhone users should be able to use AirPrint at some stage, and what we have for your viewing pleasure below is a video demo on AirPrint on the iPhone 4.

The AirPrint on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1 demo video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Cellfanatic who use an iPhone 4 along with a HP 310 printer connected wirelessly.

The video is a first test of iOS 4.2.1 AirPrint on the iPhone 4 and the narrator also says they will be trying out the Apple iPad and iPod touch later, but if any of our readers try out AirPrint feel free to let us know how you get on.

So how does AirPrint fair in this video demo? Well to find that out you’re going to have to jump down below and hit that play button…enjoy.


One thought on “iPhone 4 AirPrint iOS 4.2.1 Video demo”

  1. Bob Martin says:

    does it work on any other printer than a HP wireless?
    I can't get it to find my wireless Lexmark 6650 which is on my home network working through my BT broadband. The printer works perfectly with my Sony laptop from anywhere in the house.
    Bit frustrating if You have to buy a new HP wifi printer. I am on iOS 4.2.1
    bob Martin

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