You Angry About Missing iOS 4.2 Text Tones for iPhone 3GS?

The new iOS 4.2 (4.2.1) update went live yesterday and many iPhone users including 3GS users have already downloaded with some of you yet to do so, but some of you Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS users may be a little angry.

Have you noticed something missing on the iPhone 3G and 3GS after downloading and installing the latest iOS 4.2 update via iTunes? Look closely and you will know what we are going on about, because thanks to TiPb they have something very interesting to share.

The new Text Tones are missing from the above models and we have had a few emails from our 3GS readers who are a little angry, so we searched around and it seems the above source seems to have a few angry readers too, is it time for a complete jailbreak time?

The text tones are there on the iPhone 4 and it looks like the iPhone 4 is the only Apple model that has this new feature, hey come here, be quiet and do not shout this out but the new text tones (Ah who cares we will just say it) “THE TEXT TONES ARE PRETTY CRAP ANYWAY”, nothing great with this new feature to tell you the truth.

Even though we think it was a waste of time we still would like to ask iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users if you are angry this new feature was not included in your iOS 4.2.1 update.


129 thoughts on “You Angry About Missing iOS 4.2 Text Tones for iPhone 3GS?”

  1. unhappyuser says:

    typical of Apple to leave the 3G/3GS users out of some of the updates, it really doesnt matter that new text tones are crap its a principal thing, the reason i bought an iphone was for the constant updates so i didnt need to change my handset every few years. if they are going to start leaving users out because they havent "upgraded" to the new handset then whats the point of an update i should have just kept my bloody Nokia n series
    I stood by Apple when i was having problems with coverage after the 4.0 update apparently there were over 20,000 complaints from iphone users in the UK alone – a reward for our patience half hearted updates for 3G/3GS customers !!
    my contract is up in feb so maybe time to start looking at HTC or other android phones, afterall its claimed that android will be far superior within the next 2 years so whats Apple going to do when thier customers move on?
    never mind give it a year or 2 and the iphone 4 users will be losing out too
    "welcome to Apple you upgrade to our latest hardware and we will reward you with the latest software" should be the new company slogan

  2. Michael says:

    I wouldn't be upset if I wasn't mislead… On Apple's own website it says "Choose from 17 new alerts and assign custom tones for people in your contact list. iPhone only" If it said iPhone 4 only, or below it didn't show ALL compatible models including the iPhone 3G and 3Gs i wouldn't care at all.

    I WAS looking fwd to it, and once it didn't work, i spend 1/2 hour thinking i downloaded something wrong or my update wasn't completed correctly. I think if apple just said 'iPhone 4 ONLY' it wouldn't make me upset.

    They are not usually in the habit of lying to their customers about the restricted uses of new OS updates.

    So am I angry, slightly… simply because is SAYS it will work and it does not…

    1. BrendanPERsonius says:

      exactly, that pissed me off i waited around for my iphone to sync and completly expecting new tones and a all around new upgraded software. come to find out i completely wasted my time, But i would not be mad at all if they said 3GS users are left out yet thankful for the time I was about to waste ,and its strictly for godamn iphone 4 users only. I dont know why they chose to leave other iphone models out but it completly wasted my time, I was content with my old software. BASICALLY, this update did nothing at all for my phone. apple is just trying to piss off there users making them want to buy there new models. APPLE, YOUR BOGUS. -____- only reason I did all this was to have new tones because the ones come stock with 3GS are nothing short of WHACK. fucking bullshit, i want more tones.

  3. Austin says:

    hell yeah i'm pissed! why the hell should i be left out of this feature just because i bought my 3GS a few months before the new one came out?? this is crap!! I'm almost damn positive that it can still have that capability even though its not the iPhone 4.

  4. AdrianE says:

    Not sure where the info came for this article? I have the 3G and have individual text tones for my contacts. You have to go into contacts, choose the contact then edit and this new field is in place for text tones.

    1. Cayla says:

      You're right, you can choose individual text tones. But this article is referring to the 17 new text tones that became available with the update but only to iPhone 4 users.

    2. Bill Livingston says:

      Thanks for this Adria, I was sure I saw this earlier then couldnt find it again. When I read your post I remembered I had added a new contact this morning… So I went back to my phone and sure enough, if you select edit on any contact the option to change tones is there… Im amazed people are still complaining… (I have an iPhone 3GS)

      1. C. Neil says:

        Your an idiot… Read what the hell the thread is about before you post. It amazes me that individuals like yourself feel the need to put your 2 cents worth in without even looking at the article.

    3. Zach says:

      The thing that I am most upset about is that custom tones can be made for the iPhone 4, or so apple's website says. Just like I make custom ringtones, I would love to make custom texting tones for my phone.

  5. Liz says:

    I am v v v angry about no new text tones, I started a post on the official apple forums yesterday, & got ALOT of 3GS users v v unhappy about it.. IT SUCKS & I know they are crap but that isn’t the point.

  6. Aimee Adaire says:

    I really AM angry about this; the promise of new text tones was really the only reason why I updated my 3gs so soon after 4.2's release.

    The fact that the tones aren't spectacular is irrelevant; apple should be embarrassed that they have deliberately neglected 3g and 3gs users. Out of gratitude, apple should be doing everything it can to placate its earlier customers, for without the masses who invested in the 3g after its release, apple could have never financed the iPhone 4's development. I know that ringtones themselves aren't a big deal, but is this indicative of where apple stands in keeping its customers? We cement apple's success by purchasing (at a hefty price) one of their products, and then we're left to languish as that device fades into obscurity? Is this the fate of apple users?

    1. brianna says:

      What is even more upsetting is that there is a way for you to add your own ringtones for when someone calls but yet you aren't allowed to add ringtones for when someone texts you.
      It is bull that they cant include the 3G and 3GS. I had purposely bought a 3GS (it is my second ipohne bought) being promised by Apple that i would be able to get all the updates that the iphone 4 gets and now what happens?? …I should have known.

  7. angrymama says:

    THAT was the main reason why I downloaded and installed the 4.2.1 update!!! If not I wouldn't have cared at all. And now my phone is slow as hell. The apps are slow and the app editting process is sluggish. And still NO extra features. Just a lame GameCenter and a revised icon for Voice Memo. Seriously! I wanted the new feature, I didn't get it but instead there are like 5+ bugs that came with that and I can't do anything about it. Apple had better come out with a revised edition to fix this or I'm going to switch to Android…. Dammit I am freakin pissed!!!!!

  8. The author's an idiot, and the commentators even bigger idiots…do you guys even have an iPhone. Just do what "AdrianE"… go to Contacts, select the contact and "Edit", the field is right there.

    1. Daisy says:

      Umm, no. The only idiot here, is the one who hasn't bothered to take the time to read properly. 3G/3GS owners CAN select a specific tone for their contacts, yes. What they CANNOT do, is select them from the promised NEW range of text tones. Seventeen of them in fact. Only iPhone 4 owners can do that.

      And yes, I am angry too – for all the reasons others have stated.

    2. Steven says:

      You should test your literacy before you start whipping out accusations; labeling the users here as idiots makes you a gross hypocrite. Your post has nothing to do with the issue at hand, and I'm actually a little embarrassed for you. If I were you, I would delete this irrelevant reply and apologize for being such a brash halfwit.

    3. Jessica says:

      Wow, you may need to think you before you reply. 3GS has the feature to add the basic 6 text tones. Not the 17 new text tones promised with the upgrade. I was happy to find this site because I just spent FOREVER trying to troubleshoot my phone! I am bummed. I am the kind of person who gets REALLY excited about these little upgrades so I was really upset to know I cannot use it!

      1. shannon says:

        i completely agree its complete bull i have the 3gs and they except me to pay 200-300 dollars to upgrade to a phone just to get extra ringtones,im really starting to hate apple

    4. A New Yorker says:

      Hey, dumbass… do YOU have an iPhone? You still CAN NOT assign ANY NEW TEXT TONE. Only the six that are defaults. So before you call others what YOU plainly are, an idiot, read what they're really upset about first.

  9. Jose Gutierrez says:

    It's one thing to not include something like say… "multitasking" because of things like hardware concerns and lack of processor speed but it's something completely different to hold out on such a silly feature to try to entice people to buy their latest hardware. I planned on buying an Iphone 4 but now I feel betrayed and I won't be doing so, it would just feel dirty now like I was given an offer I couldn't refuse.
    I think I'm going to try the Windows Phones 7 instead, see how they treat me. That little Android is looking better and better too.

  10. Jose Gutierrez says:

    sachendra, adrian, hilton, etc…
    This article is about the lack of "new" text tones that iPhone4 users got but not 3GS users. If you still don't know what that's about look on youtube or something similar and check out the new text tones, there are 17 (not that great) new ones

  11. Jose Gutierrez says:

    sachendra, adrian, hilton, etc…
    this article is about the lack of NEW text tones that became available with the new 4.2.1 iOS software for iPhone4 owners but not for 3G/3GS owners. Your are right about the ability to set different text tones to contacts though, that IS available for all.

  12. bebe says:

    You dissenters are not understanding the posts. Yes, we know we can assign individual text tones. But, we 3gs users were tired of only the six tones from which to choose. The new update said there was going to be 17 new tones. Only Iphone 4 received those additional tones. Besides, being misleading, I, too spent an hour trying to figure out what I had missed to assign the new tones to contacts. The website said 3gs would have them, I believed them and wasted a lot of time.
    Also,.. the new fonts for notes…. what do you think? I can hardly tell any difference between them.

  13. bebe says:

    You dissenters are not understanding the posts. Yes, we know we can assign individual text tones. But, we 3gs users were tired of only the six tones from which to choose. The new update said there was going to be 17 new tones. Only Iphone 4 received those additional tones. Besides, being misleading, I, too spent an hour trying to figure out what I had missed to assign the new tones to contacts. The website said 3gs would have them, I believed them and wasted a lot of time.

  14. Richard Oliver says:

    Oh my goodness! I looked at this post just to make sure my phone was going to keep working if I updated it. It beggars belief that not having extra mobile phone tone would 'anger' anyone. What angers me are the people in the world that will go hungry and cold tonight, the children that will be abused, the crimes that will be committed and the hatred that is stirred up across the world in the name of religion (something that s supposed to enhance our time on this planet). I could go on but maybe even the most small minded and self centred amungst you may get the idea Get a grip o what's really important in life people!!

    1. Chris says:

      Get down off your high horse. You've never complained or been irritated about anything in your life? We all know that world hunger, war, etc. are horrible things. Doesn't mean we can't be irritated by our immediate life experiences. Do you even know me? Do you know what I do to stop suffering of innocents in this world? More than you will ever be capable of. So keep your pathetic attempts at trying to feel superior to everyone else to yourself and eat a dick d-bag.

  15. Helen says:

    I'm really not surprised. I am so sick of the text tones that I have that I just keep my phone on silent most of the time so that I can avoid hearing them. This is really just one of the many things that I am disappointed in Apple for. I give these people $200 for an iPhone 3GS, but as soon as the iPhone 4 launches, Apple indirectly says, "Tough ****, guys" to the older model owners and gives iPhone 4 owners the royal treatment. Sorry, but even Microsoft still supplies quality updates to dated versions of Windows.

    I think I am most disgusted with the fact that Apple uses condescending and cocky phrases like "it just works" or "it's that easy" to describe the simplicity of their products. Yeah, I love when iTunes fails to sync my iPhone because of an unknown error. I'm guessing that's not what Apple's referring to when they say, "It just works."

    This will honestly just be my last Apple product.

  16. Adam says:

    I don't understand why they didn't include them. I sort of understand that the 3G doesn't have the power to multi-task, and so they left that feature out, but TEXT TONES?! I really want to hear the reasoning behind that, and I'm sure it will include the phrase "Sell more iPhone 4s".

    The iPhone is a great phone, but it's so backwards in many ways. How long did it take to get MMS and custom ringtones? Every phone made this decade has had custom ring and text tones, and picture messaging has been around for ages.

    1. ben says:

      Adam actually having testeed it on my jailbroken iphone the real problemn is not multi tasking but home wallpapers. I've tried it with just multitasking and everythings smooth

  17. Dina says:

    All valid points made by everyone here – yup, I can assign a crap tone to my contacts – check!
    assign one of the fancy dancy new tones? – X
    Sheesh, what's the matter with Apple? I just spent huge $ on my phone before 4 was released, what a racket

  18. Stephanie says:

    I as well am very very disappointed about this. It’s ridiculous that apple raves about their awesome products then excludes it’s customers with a model of phone that they still sell! I have invested TONS of money into apple with the original iPhone, iPhone 3GS, original iPod, iPod nano, iPod classic, MacBook air, and iPad over the past 10 years. People pay money and expect to get what they paid for, to not be left out of updates!

    And @Adam I agree completely. It took apple forever to get mms and custom ringtones, you would think with a “top of the line” iPhone they would have added this feature a long time ago. Any standard brick phone has more than 6 text tones! Ridiculous… I’m so disappointed in apple.

    1. Ron says:

      You're just finding this out now? You're the type of person that Apple loves, religiously buys their products and never questions missing features, lack of support for the previous generation, etc. Well, now hopefully a lot of people like yourself find out the truth and stop buying Apple products. Apple has been extremely misleading as of late, with this, Antennagate, etc. Don't even get me started on Antennagate! The issue was blown out of proportion BUT only because of Jobs himself.

  19. squishicus says:

    Yeah, I'm rightfully pissed off! I'm sure I'm one of many, many people who find it frustrating when everyone that has an iPhone in the room (read: everyone) has the same damn texting tone. When I read that there were new texting ringtones for the iPhone, I immediately downloaded the update and went to see what all it could do.

    I was quick to discover that the text tones were a lie.

    It's just…frustrating. I've been a loyal Apple iPhone/MacBook consumer since they made the first big, clonky one back about three or four years ago. And right now, the only reason I still have it is because my contract isn't up until next July. I know you guys are just trying to sell more iPhone 4 phones, but seriously. Just say so. Just say "Texting tones are only for the iPhone 4."

    ugh. I know it's not a big deal, but seriously. I am already looking at new phones. Being mislead is not an attractive feature, Apple.

  20. LeO says:

    this is B.S. ONLY reason i updated to 4.2 was for the text message alerts… this alone almost made buy an android… i know they are available on the iphone 4… but the lack of customer care makes me not want the iphone 4, and all i have been talking about lately is how i am getting an iphone 4 for christmas… that was a really WEAK move on apple's part…

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I for one am upset about the issue with the 3gs missing the new text tones. For one the 4G phone is not that great and will have a new one in 6 months. I am on hold now with apple asking them about this issue. If this is infact the case I will pretty upset. I am not even eligible for an upgrade until April 2011.

  22. Had Enough says:

    Those Droids have been pretty sweet looking recently and honestly are looking a whole lot nicer now…Its not just because I didnt get some stupid new text tones…Its cause I dont want to continue to support a company that thinks and treats majority of their customers like a bunch of tools.. Clearly on their website it says texts tones for iPhone, not iPhone 4 only…So I wasted about 30-45 mins updating for nothing. The text tones are probably a waste of time themselves, but why lie to us? You assh**** think im gonna go run out and buy a iphone 4 now? lol please if anything you (Apple) are losing people because of things like this..Some of us have had enough of this kinda crap.. Soon as I can im switching over!

  23. matthew says:

    one of apples perks is being able to upgrade your software rather then get a new phone and im sure we call all relate to the prices of iphones being a bit out control if your not upgrading. but all of a sudden iphone 4 comes out and all the updates are based around iphone 4 what about the rest of us? we get a new voice memo icon and a notebook looking a little different ? apple needs to expand there update computability and not forget about its older customers !

  24. johnwwwatson says:

    Babies. There is such a sense of entitlement today. It doesn't work, so what, it might later; get over it.
    The iPhone is the greatest innovation sinse television and nothing you used before it is better.
    Please go back to your old phone, please get a competitor's gadget and let true Apple users live in peace..
    If Apple made a flying car, the same people complaining would complain about how high or how far it goes.
    What has to happen in this modern age for human beings to stop the BS and get a clue?
    Tell me? Is there nothing more important going on in this world worth directing your energy?- bye.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nothing I used before the iPhone is better, you say? I had a measly Blackberry Pearl 8100, and it could do tons more crap than the iPhone can do. If I still had the phone, I'd be using it and this P.O.S. iPhone would be posted in an eBay auction. Sorry that you're easily sold on "retina display" and transitions between tasks but the rest of us want functionality and versatility (which, from experience, I can personally say that Apple is clearly lacking in).

      I really don't like the fact that you're comparing the iPhone to a flying car and depicting it as some sort of "gift" from God. Frankly, the only thing that sets the iPhone away from others is hype and looks. I think you've been sucked into Apple's marketing scheme of bubbles and marshmallows, and you just simply don't realize it.

      I'm also trying to wrap my mind around what exactly "true Apple users" are. Is this opposed to fake users? Last time I checked, products have ONE general consumer base, and some of the consumers are going to be upset if they feel like they've been jipped by the product. Don't try to reprimand these people who are upset over a legitimate issue. Besides… A) you're an iPhone 4 owner or B) you apparently don't mind when Apple neglects you when a newer product launches.

  25. eheffa says:

    I am upset that my fancy 3Gs iphone or even the iPhone 4 are deliberately crippled so that they cannot allow the user to select their own mp3 file for custom alert sounds. With my old Blackberry I could choose any mp3 file I wanted for an alert sound ( – now that just works! ) (I'm not switching back to BB) BTW)

    But what psychopathology on the Apple board has dictated this restriction in allowed text alerts? Only two of the authorized tones are even usable. Why is it that when 8 people are sitting at a table & a text comes through to on e of them, 5 people all reach for their iPhones at once? This may represent brand recognition but all I see is a bunch of sheep….baaaah!

    Come on Apple. You're acting like Big Brother. I don't appreciate that & I'll bet I'm not alone.


  26. EMoney says:

    First off apple would like to boost their iphone4 sales by forcing people to upgrade if they care for this feature in the real world that is called apple being one shady motherfu**er. I concur with others that this is going to dramatically increase the jailbreaking game or even better switching to other phones such as the android ( hell I remember my run of the mill nokia being able to do this) . I am disappointed in apple. I told myself I wouldn't switch or jailbreak but this slap in the face by such a money hungry company surely changes ones mind.

  27. Trent says:

    -i am extremely disappointed with this, apple does this all the time.. leaves out the older models of their products in their updates. Apple cant expect me to just run out and get their newest product whenever it comes out, come on apple help those of us with the older products out for once

  28. Michael says:

    I think it's rather crappy false advertising….I am a software tester, and I can tell you that being able to assign different text tones to different contacts without the ability to add new text tones at will is rather short sighted design. However, the fact that the iPhone 4 users got the new text tones, and the 3GS users didn't implies that it's a ploy to get users to upgrade their hardware by limiting the software features on the older versions of the hardware. Such ploys will only encourage users to switch to more customizable phones like the droids.

  29. Marcus says:

    Just ordered a blackberry torch from AT&T, will never purchase an apple product again. To be lied to by apple is just irritating and makes me think apple is ran by monkeys!

  30. gee says:

    yes very angry about the update. my bf has 4 and was like look custom text tones! but they need to update itunes and the new text tones are kind long. so i was like okay i'll update (3gs user)…looking and looking ''where the hell are these new tones'' (googles) ''only available to 4 users… …wtf…
    sooo….is it time to jailbreak my phone?

  31. Amazing that some people have the audacity to call others “idiots” (yes you sachendra) when they can’t even figure out what the hell the article is about!! I mean really!! Damn some people are dumb. YES very good, you can choose different individual text tones on 3G and 3GS, but the NEW UPDATE with NEW AND CUSTOM TEXT TONES does not work with 3G or 3GS. Got it?? Good …Lmbo at the freaking Idiots!!

  32. Mike says:

    Yes, I'm upset too. I just spent the last 30 minutes getting my iPhone 3GS updated and I eagerly go to my 'Settings' option trying to find the new tones….nothing. Then I go to my contacts and see if I can edit the text tones and find them there…nothing. It is very deceptive for Apple to have on their website that there are new text tones available and then list for the IPhone only – but not have it available for all the iPhone models.

    One thing I will say is, I went back to Apple's website and at the very bottom there is a footnote that says "Not all features are compatible with all devices" but it doesn't say with all models so according to Apple themselves, the new text tones should be available for all the iPhones, whether you have a 3G, 3GS or 4. You might not have new text tones available on a touch iPod or a iPad, because those are different devices, but the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 are all the same device.

    Apple, get it together and let us know when you do.

  33. TimMonkey says:

    yeah I am angry! The update mentioned nothing of this being for the iPhone4 only. Typical once a new iPhone comes out that users with old phones are forced to become more and more enticed to buy the newer models. Apple should be a little more concerned with the increase of smartphones coming to the market that are true iPhone rivals.
    Apple start taking care of ALL your iPhone customers, not just your iPhone4 users!

  34. ricky says:

    im livid! i updated, lost info i had from my old laptop including music and pictures, the phone itself tends to be a split second laggier AND i have no custom tones, the only reason i updated… i honestly am looking at a replacement in the near future…

  35. Anth says:

    Good old Apple , at least when Microsoft Shaft people royally , they ask if you need mental lube ….

    an HTC Mozart winmo7 is looking better and better ,

    i know its just 17 naff sounding tones , but that’s beside the point , the point is that some people have 3GS devices on contract and some people went on contracts literally a few weeks before v4 came out , why punish people , they are still using your product aren’t they ?? , nice one Steve , way to shine on the customer service front !

  36. Bishizzo says:

    Pissed is correct! I am totally bamboozled by Apple and their BS! They do this EVERYTIME! Think about it guys, Apple purposefully leave stuff out of whatever is new from them. The wizards of the iphone (Dev Team) is light years ahead of these people with thier own products. How come that the people who didn't create it have mastered it? Because they are willing to tell us the truth by showing us the "simple" things apple leave out every "new" update or upgrade.

  37. bishizzo says:

    iPhone 3g didn't have a video cam WHY because there lazy butts knew that the 3GS would love to use that as a feature to lure is into another 2yr contract. Same as the iPads now! They are acting like a new one is not right around the corner with Facetime (2 cams) that could have been placed in this one! Now we have to deal with their Cat and Dog play with the wizards and they are losing the fight. The updates are weak and useless 95% of the time. I was doing AirPrint with my iPhone 3g and backgrounder and other products are still 100x better than Apple's "Official upgrades." Honestly the iPhone 4 display is the only thing that impress me so far. If you can't even have options to export contacts to your Sim and use your own ringtone for text, and voicemail, then you need not to send us some BS updates!

  38. emma says:

    I agree with everyone here, it says Iphone only and then they show ALL the iphone models.. well what the F were we supposed to expect? I didn't know that iphone 4 was coming out 3 months after I bought the 3gs – it works fine but I am very disappointed that they didn't just come out and say it's for iphone 4 users only

  39. Zach says:

    Here is my biggest issue with Apple right now. I get that they are a business, and they're in business to make money. However a company that I used to praise for how much they cared about their customers and how user friendly they try and make devices for us. I am now feeling as though they spend their time between each summer announcement figure out new ways to dip into our wallets and rob us. Since the release of iOS4 my 3g phone has had nothing but problems. I feel like Apple has made 3g users obsolete, essentially forcing us to upgrade phones. What now should I just plan on replacing my phone every July?? How much money do they think I have? I have now reached a point where I am considering switching to a droid phone. I already have a droid for my work phone and am finding it to be a better phone than my iphone 3g. Sad that a company I had huge respect for and that I had nothing but good things to say about has managed to disappoint me so much that I have reached a point where I no longer wish to support them or give them my business any longer. Just my opinion anyway.

  40. Ben says:

    Someone should type a big email to steven jobs and state things like multi-tasking working on iphone 3G, Airplay working on iphone 3G and air print . Ow and I just noticed on apples website they removed the bit about the text message sounds as well

  41. Rachel says:

    Goodbye Apple … Hello Blackberry Torch! This is a load of crap!! Im sick of Apple and there updates im an iPhone 3g user (Cost me a bomb to buy in the first place!) and now because I wont fork out another few hundred for the "amazing"<<(yeah right!) iPhone 4 im getting stiffed on the new update ……..AGAIN!!! What a crock of shit! I think people are finally coming to realize that all Apple is HYPED up crap! Most of the new android phones that are coming out are kicking the iPhones ass and this girl is jumping ship to a better phone that wont slow down after every crappy update. Apple once again pissing there customers off well done Apple well done!

  42. Eric says:

    It's really the principle of the matter. I'm a 3G user and I can almost definitely say that the next phone I get won't be an iPhone–not because they're bad phones (I love mine), but because Apple has made it abundantly clear that once a newer version of their product is release, those still enjoying the old version will be willfully neglected in an attempt to pressure us into buying the new product. I, for one, am not going to give in. Apple has really strayed from the path that made them so popular so quickly. I only hope they start seeing the repercussions soon so as to go back to their older and more honest ways.

  43. Chip says:

    Forget the crap tones, why can’t we stream video via airplay from the camera roll and exactly what does it take to make a printer work on these? It ain’t just bonjour!!!

    Seriously, stream video to apple tv with the iPod app? Apple TV is already connected to iTunes!!!! Duh!!!

    Stream video to apple tv via the YouTube app???? Apple tv already has YouTube!!!!! Double WTF?!?!?

  44. Randa says:

    I am so over the iPhone!! I can go get a free phone and change text ringtones. WTH!?! Yes the iPhone does wonderful things, with that being said if it can do all this great stuff I wanna know why in the hell it’s SO hard for them to let us have custom ringtones for our text! It’s just totally messed up. I am over apple my contract is up in January and I am OUT!! Screw apple!! With all the techies someone should be able to figure something this simple out!! Verizon android here I come and I am recomending everyone with an iPhone do the same!! Maybe they will then figure it out they can’t keep misleading and treating people this way!! Nowhere did it say iPhone 4 only and y promise custom ringtones if u can’t deliver!!!

  45. Mrs L says:

    I am really pissed off that the only feature that made me want to update my software is not available for the 3GS. I understand the extra tones are nothing to shout about, but neither are the standard ones. What apple seem to have forgotten that they have made a phone, which means we, the users, will no doubt want flexibility on what we set at alert tones. I find it amazing that I have over a thousand songs on my phone, yet cannot simply select one as a ringtone as I could on every other phone I have ever used, instead I have to download a convertion software and then I am only allowed 30 seconds!!!!! Come on Apple, surely it cannot be that hard, if you are going to make a phone at least keep in line with other makes on the basics. Bells and whistles are nothing if the basics aren't right.

  46. marcob says:

    Very angry on not getting the message tone update for my 3GS, think it’s time for a change, contract up soon, going to take a look at the Nokai N8.

  47. Anon says:

    Another reason why I won't be upgrading with Apple when my 3GS contract expires. They only seem bothered about their most recent customers. They seem to be getting worse, especially more recently,.

  48. Keri says:

    The new text tones was 95% of the reason I updated. So disappointed that it is not for my 3GS. A note saying "For iPhone 4 only" would have been appreciated.

  49. Rob says:

    I downloaded 4.2 on an iPhone 4.IS the talking word correction part of the new 4.2?
    OK now a bizarre problem has cropped up since downloading.When I text,or e-mail ,the keyboard clicks go from their normal volume .which I like becasue of the feedback it gives me,to almost inaudable,and then back again to the normal volume.Whats that all about??
    Has anybody else experienced this problem?

  50. Hawk says:

    I am angry, I was wondering if the down load is uncomplete.

    It is disappointing as Apple is leaving Iphone 3Gs and 3G user behing..

    No more Iphone!!!! I just bought Anroid HTC……

  51. David says:

    This is how little Apple thinks of it’s customer base that put them on top. If they screw you for 17 text tones, you would be a fool to continue to support them. One Apple purchase was enough to win me over. But, one Apple IOS upgrade is all it will take to lose me forever. I was looking forward to the next iPhone iteration in July 2011. Instead, I will be migrating to a Droid.

  52. Nikki says:

    I have an iphone 3g and the update worked for me. You have to g into your contact list and select a contact and then select edit then you will see where you can select a text tone for your contact. Now the udate said you have 17 text tones to select from and that's a lie. I only had seven.

  53. volky says:

    Totally Pissed, pointless update and screwed all my Apps up! only updated for text tones and not there, Thank you very much apple! Just what i need 3 hrs sorting my phone out, Iphone 5 up ya ass!
    No Wonder People Jail Break – you make them!

  54. Sally says:

    Yes I'm angry why should the people that have iphone 3g or iphone 3gs be left out just because we don't have the iphone 4? every other update pretty much that they made for iphone 4 has worked with iphone 3g and iphone 3gs why not this one? i think this is some crap why can't you guys just get it fixed where it'll work on no matter what iphone you have because eventually there will be a new iphone out after the iphone 4 and i also think we should be able to use our own tones for our contacts not the ones that you guys give us because we should have a choice to use the ones that come with it or choose to make our own.

  55. J Franklin says:

    Idiots! Things could be made so much easier with these phones. Just give people what they need to use the things the way we expect. Changing text tones, using songs for ringtones (from the phone without an app). Updates seem to be a way to make you buy a new phone but KCUF YOU if you think i'm going to pay for a broken handset (iPhone 4). Apple are jokers and they must laugh their nuts off when they create these pupdates! Foolishness.

    1. Alex says:

      You can use what ever songs on you i tunes play list that you want to for a ring tone. You just need to change the file format and pick the portion of the song to use for it.

  56. jacquesmama says:

    I'm furious about this too, and considering jailbreaking at this point. I had to buy my iPhone 3Gs a few months before the iPhone 4 came out (I would've waited it I could but my 3G was broken). Nowhere on the information Apple posted does it say that this feature is unique to iPhone 4.

    I'm getting really tired of updates that don't work on the phones and it's ridiculous that we've had to wait this long for this particular feature when even cheap phones have it.

    I've been an ardent Apple supporter for over twenty years and the lustre is wearing. Not that I think Microsoft is any better, but Apple and their closed loop software makes me sad.

  57. Christy says:

    Yes…I am VERY upset. I have been waiting a long time to have custom text tones so I know who is texting me. This was very misleading on the Apple website.

  58. zlator says:

    This really pissed me off because, like many other 3G/3GS owners, I enjoy and anticipate updates to my phone.

    FYI: To all of you who are wondering, the going rate for iPhone 3GS's on Ebay is about $300-$400, which is more than sufficient to purchase a new phone, even without the 2-year contract discount.

  59. Bob says:

    Alright the real reason everyones pissed is because not only did we miss out on the crappy tones but also the custom tones, I’m more pissed over the inability to make custom text tones then anything.

  60. AprilConnelly says:

    Endlessly Annoyed!
    Not to mention that since the update, my 3gs has slowed considerably and several other little glitches. Like my texts, randomly, don't make a sound at all and it suddenly erased my iPod for no reason!
    I think Apple does it intentionally to drive people to buy the 4. But what's really doing is driving me to buy the Droid!

  61. Alex says:

    If it is really that big a deal that you don't have these new tones, just go buy the new phone. But then suddenly its not as big a deal to be missing these. When you all know that your going to be using the same tri tone anyway.

  62. E.P. says:

    I didn't expect my ancient 3g to have new text tone capabilities, but why should NEW Iphone4 owners be limited to 17 NEW weaksauce sounds? Apple is so far behind the curve on this it's embarassing, that's not a great endorsement for an upgrade. I've made most of my current ringtones & it's pretty lame to think my clamshell lg from 5 years ago was superior to my Iphone in this respect. It's capable for ringtones, texttones should follow. This is like Henry Ford still selling modern cars ONLY in black.

  63. Jordan says:

    Of coarse were upset. The people that got theyre 3GS and 3G brand new should have some more things than the 4. Just for the fact of being a technology antique, but yes Im upset about missing the tones. There is no point in PAYING for text tones when they go off for a half a second. Not including text tones for the 3G and 3GS isnt gonna get people to buy the iPhone 4, and if it does…YOUR AN IDIOT! I LOVE my 3G and there are only a few small differences between it and the 4. SO GIVE US SOME DAMN TEXT TONES!!! And I agree it isnt a big deal but its the principle. especially when they say the WHOLE update is compatible for the 3G and 3GS

  64. ReaperX87 says:

    Hell yes I am pissed why should us iPhone 3G and 3Gs users be kept out of the loop and not be allowed to set custom music tones for the iphone 3gs, every phone I have ever owned has had the option to have optional txt tones and I think that this is complete bull. Honestly I dont see a reason to upgrade to a iPhone 4 if my 3Gs that I had just recently bought works just fine. Its crap that they do this.

  65. LannonChris says:


  66. and here i was trying to check if my iphone did update to 4.2.. lucky i found this very informative post about the 3GS missing out on those new text tones. it did say iPhone only for iOS 4.2 for the text tones. it didn't really specify which model which was a huge disappointment.

    oh well, i guess i'm looking at a jailbreak in the near future or an android.

    hope apple fixes this in the next update.

  67. QUIETTYME says:

    I just veizon vesion of the iphone4 and I think I'm going back to my droidX while I can. apple don't allow text tones ans ring tones are to hard to add to iphone4 only had. 14 days to return. we use to have a 30 trying out period. It only took one week and it's going back

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