Verizon 4G SIM Cards Now In Store

Verizon Wireless is certainly gearing up in preparation for their 4G LTE network which is expected to launch in December and another sign of that happening has just landed in Big Red stores.

According to an article over on Phone Arena and by way of Electronista, according to an image over on Droid-life, some Verizon Wireless stores are now stocking 4G SIM cards ready to slip into 4G enabled smartphones.

Of course the only problem with that is the Big Red still hasn’t delivered on any 4G LTE enabled smartphones for those 4G SIM cards to fit into and currently Verizon has just two 4G USB modems in their 4G enabled line up.

Of course what good is a 4G network if you don’t have any 4G handsets to play nice on it, so I’m fairly sure that Verizon will be dealing with that issue before too long, and then of course the real battle of the 4G networks will begin.

So any of our Verizon readers looking forward to getting it on with the Big Red’s 4G LTE network?


2 thoughts on “Verizon 4G SIM Cards Now In Store”

  1. awwtbone says:

    Ill second Robert. Why upgrade now when you can either buy a phone on craigslist or wait for 4G technology in cell phones? I will quickly drop this Droid2 to pick up the new and improved technology. The first cell phone to have LTE will sell a massive amount before other companies step in and piece out the market.

    Verizon, PLEASE. Focus on the coverage and reachability with less wattage, The Droid consumes so much battery life that its pointless if 4G requires even more wattage or power consumption.

    O, and Motorola, Do the same..

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