Verizon Slaps AT&T in 4G LTE Promo Campaign

The constant battle between the two largest carriers in the United States continues as it now spills over into the 4G network speed area, and obviously the Big Red is going to use any weapon it can against its arch rival AT&T.

Thus according to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, the latest mud slinging comes in the form of promo posters loudly stating that Verizon now has 4G service, AT&T doesn’t.

In the promo posters Verizon again turns to US maps of both the Verizon and AT&T networks just like they did in their coverage campaign with this time the Big Red map showing 3G and LTE network coverage whilst the Big Blue’s just shows 3G.

Also the promo posters also show that Verizon has “the fastest 4G network in America,” something all four US carriers seem to be claiming even though the ITU claim that none of them truly has 4G. Still no doubt this is just the warm up to a much larger battle over who really has the fastest 4G network.

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