Verizon White iPhone 4 gets Pictured?

Apple in their infinite wisdom let down their multitude of iPhone faithful who hung on and hung on in the hopes of gaining the white iPhone 4; delay after delay followed and then rumour that the white version of the Apple baby had been cancelled.

But has it been cancelled or is it being saved for the Verizon network? According to an article over on Ubergizmo the image above may be a Verizon iPhone 4 in white with redesigned chassis to solve the iPhone antennagate issue, and lacking a SIM card.

Now of course it could well be all bunkum and just be a modder playing around as the source article on Coveringweb doesn’t state where the image of this device originates.

Still who knows, maybe there is hope for all those Verizon iPhone wannabees to grab hold of a white iPhone 4 on Verizon in the not too distant future…what do you think, real or fake?

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