Male Enhancement iPhone App Pulled: Video

I’m not too sure just how this app managed to be approved by the App Store in the first place as it obviously dealt with enlarging the male genitalia even if it was supposedly by hypnotherapy, but the penis enlargement app for iPhone has been pulled from the App Store.

For those that may have been quite gullible to actually think they could grow their tool by using this application we have a video promo for the app courtesy of Marc Flores over at Intomobile and by way of Gizmodo and Krapps which lasts a minute and a half.

It seems that music and the power of the mind can help the ole todger grow, and all you need to do is play the app and you receive music with some guy telling you your penis will grow by the power of the mind…yeah right.

The only think it does show is that the App Store approval process still isn’t spot on otherwise these types of apps would make it past the first hurdle, and although the app was free, who really believes they can grow anything simply by thinking about it? Video can be found below, and all it did was make me giggle…enjoy.


One thought on “Male Enhancement iPhone App Pulled: Video”

  1. Hypnosis might be good, but hey not that good!
    But whilst there are still people who don't fully understand Hypnosis, there will always be people thinking it's something that it isn't.
    Even if they do work at Apple!

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