T-Mobile BOGOF Festive Season Promo Announced

As you are probably aware the Christmas shopping season kicks off over in the US with the Black Friday event, and not to be left out, T-Mobile has now announced they are doing a buy one get one free promotion for the festive season.

Apparently a T-Mobile rep emailed Android Police with the news of the upcoming BOGOF event which begins this Friday and includes such goodies as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Windows Phone 7 handsets and apparently all Android smartphones.

Have to stipulate though that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not one of the free devices on offer so don’t go thinking you can pick up a smartphone and get the Tab for nothing as it doesn’t quite work that way.

However you do get the option of a T-Mobile G2 or T-Mobile myTouch 4G for free and the buy one get one free promo is good on all T-Mobile family plans and includes legacy customers who activate 2 or more lines, upgraders who upgrade a minimum of one line and Even More customers.

So looks like there’s going to be quite a few smartphone deals come this Black Friday, so make sure you are on the ball if you are one of the T-Mobile faithful.

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