Samsung Epic Game Gripper Genesis Pad Video Demo

It looks like gaming on a smartphone is being made somewhat easier with Game Gripper. Gaming on a smartphone does have its limitations due to not having a proper gaming pad but Game Gripper takes care of that with the Samsung Epic 4G.

Apparently Samsung Epic 4G gamers can now get to grips a bit better with a new Genesis layout gaming pad for the device which is demonstrated on the video which we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Tim Stevens over at Engadget.

As you will see in the rather short 33 second video the Samsung Epic 4G Genesis pad features 2 rows of 3 buttons along with a D-pad and an extra 4 buttons and all you need to do is snap the game pad over the handset keypad and your good to go.

If you are a Samsung Epic 4G gamer and want the Game Gripper Genesis pad for your device it will hit your wallet for only $14.99 so isn’t that expensive, so head on down and mash that play button to check it out…enjoy.

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