Google Nexus S Pictured Again

Last we heard of the Google Nexus S smartphone was when Eric Schmidt touted a device at the Web 2.0 summit although Schmidt didn’t come right out and say it was the Nexus S, but then he didn’t actually deny it either.

Well the Google Nexus S has again been captured by the camera according to an article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, this time buy the tinkering guys over at XDA-developers albeit the image being a tad blurry.

The shots of the Samsung Nexus S show that the smartphone looks to be sporting Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread whilst the Nexus S back cover resembles the Samsung Galaxy S albeit being curvier.

Apparently the anonymous source says the Nexus S also sports a 720p video camera but other than that wasn’t forthcoming with any more details buy the guys do list some Nexus S specs which are, ARM V7 CPU, 4 inch touch screen, 720p video, possibly SuperAMOLED2 display, either 1GB or 2GB memory and either 512MB or 328MB ROM.

So is anyone really interested in snapping up the Google Nexus S handset once it comes right out into the open or do you think it will go the same way as the Google Nexus One?

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