iOS 4.2.1 Download: AirPrint Not Working on HP Deskjet F4580

Now like most of the world we have sat there patiently with the new iOS 4.2.1 download and everything seems to be running fine on our Apple iPhone 4, well other than AirPrint that is.

This was the main feature we was really looking forward too only to be left, well to put it blunt “very blooming ticked off”, we have the HP Deskjet F4580 printer that can be used wirelessly before anyone asks that question, iPhone 4 and printing facility does not work at all.

For Example: We go into our photos icon and choose a picture, then we click the ‘Print’ option, obviously we then tap on the ‘Printer — Select a Printer’ option and it searches, it searches a little more only to find the end result saying ‘No Printers Found’, frustrating is the word.

So we thought we would take a look on the Apple website for information and found that AirPrint will only work on these HP printers, they include:

HP Envy e-All-in-One series (D410a)
HP Photosmart Plus e-AiO (B210a)
HP Photosmart Premium e-AiO (C310a)
HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-AiO (C410a)
HP Photosmart e-AiO (D110)
HP Photosmart eStation (C510)
HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf Multifunction Printer
HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fn Color Multifunction Printer
HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Color Multifunction Printer
HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n Color Printer
HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Color Printer

Please let us know if AirPrint is working for you after the new iOS 4.2.1 download, if it does work we would like to know the name of the printer you use, if it does not work we would still like to know what the printer is as we can let other readers know. Thanks

Talking about angry Apple customers please do read our article about 3G and 3GS users and their anger with the no text tone update, if you have anything to say about the new iOS 4.2 please do comment below. Let us know if you have downloaded the new update here.

If you keep having problems with AirPrint, then why not check out the new iPhone dedicated printer here (This one works).


12 thoughts on “iOS 4.2.1 Download: AirPrint Not Working on HP Deskjet F4580”

  1. Darren Sinden says:

    Same issue have ipad and iphone 4 with hp4580 wifi printer and need to be able to print from these devices and got no printers found, comeon apple give us a break weve invested lots of money to use you and would expect a wifi device to print to a wifi printer
    Does anyone have a samsung galaxy and does that work with wifi printing?

  2. piston broke says:

    Nope AirPrint doesn't work with my Hp4580 either which seems even stranger since the (admittedly weaker) HP iPrint app works fine as far as it goes. Worse still for some of us AirPlay doesn't work with the old-style Apple TV which Messrs Jobs & Co. were still gladly selling over the Summer (at least from Regent Street) while their website was pumping what to expect from AirPlay. Not good – I'd be interested to learn about Google/Android alternatives since they may be more trustworthy?

  3. Jim says:

    My printer is attached to my Mac, so I was able to get it working with Printopia from Ecamm. It's a free utility to get any printer working showing up iPad, and does other cool stuff too.

  4. Bickport says:

    Hi Just thought would let you know just purchased HP B110 printer for just £67 works perfectly with my ipad & iphone. airprint. well pleased, thought I would have to spend a lot more.

  5. Apple Blows says:

    I bet HP has paid Apple a few hundred thousand dollars to withhold the ability to use any networked / airport attached printer until the holiday season is over. Why…. Because HP wants to sell as many of their new "e-Print" series printers this holiday season. We'll see an update in January that will let AirPrint live up to it's original hype. As for the 4.2 update…. Big deal, Like multitasking makes it worth the hype! Pfftttt, Apple Crapple.

  6. Bill Walker says:

    My hp c310a eprinter worked fine with IPAD for a few weeks, then stopped working. desk top kept working o.k. via wireless. APPLE STORE replaced one month old IPAD @ NO CHARGE with new one. I upgraded to new 4.2.1 OS myself and now everything works JUST FINE.

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