Help Fight Skin Cancer in Australia with SunSmart iOS App

It is always good to see an app that actually helps fight against something and of course that can help prevent you getting skin cancer and that is what the official SunSmart app for iPhone does.

According to Reuters Canada, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world so much so that two in three Australians by the age of 70 will be diagnosed with skin cancer, more than 1,850 people dying of it each year.

The SunSmart app that we seemed to have missed in the App Store and apologise for that is a very good app to have, and with only 11 minutes for you to burn on a summer’s day in Australia we recommend this app to all. This app is very good because it warns you of when to use sun protection and gives you plenty of useful information.

The App Features: Temperature, UV level, weather, sun protection times for your local area in Australia, reminder function that alerts the user of their daily sun protection needs and when it’s safe to get some sun for vitamin D.

There was a recent update to this app that now adds updated UV information and help text, graphical improvements, plus some minor bug fixes. For more information please visit iTunes for this recommended app for your Apple devices.

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