Are You Happy With Your iPhone 3G and 3GS since iOS 4.2?

The latest iOS 4.2 (4.2.1) update has been out a couple of weeks now and we are calling out to all iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users.

Some of you may be happy and some of you maybe a little unhappy since you downloaded and installed the new operating system update on your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and we would like to know how you are getting on.

Many users of these Apple devices were left a little bit angry because you did not gain the new ‘Message Text Tones’ the iPhone 4 received, you can read more about that here.

Some of our readers have said in emails we received that the performance of these two devices have suffered since the new iOS 4.2 update, obviously we would love to hear from those that have encountered performance issues.

We would also like to hear from iPhone 3G and 3GS users if you are totally happy since the update, please do vote below using our poll set up or if you would prefer please use the comments area provided to let us know what you think of the iOS 4.2.

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11 thoughts on “Are You Happy With Your iPhone 3G and 3GS since iOS 4.2?”

    1. Moxie says:

      You can revert back to 3.1.3. I did it and my iPhone 3G works like it did before it upgraded. I'm here to see if anyone has upgraded to 4.2 without problems. Some apps just won't work with 3.1.3. I found the instructions in the October 2010 issue of Mac Life. Try to find an old issue or see if they have it at maclife.com.

  1. geo says:

    I thought they'd make the 3 GS more efficient with battery, BUT NOT.
    Occasionally, I will take advantage of multitasking.
    Otherwise, I do not find a big deal………..too much hype!

  2. roy says:

    typical apple,they could simply have given 3gs users the sms tone upgrade…..but no,they want you to purchase an iphone 4 to keep up with all the nice upgrades.

  3. steph says:

    has anyone else had an issue downloading the update? i have tried to update a couple of different times by plugging my phone in when i went to bed. 8 hours later no progress was made, is it even worth it?

  4. After holding down the Home button for a few seconds the Voice Control screen comes up with a quick beep-beep noise to prompt you to speak and some wavy lines over a blue background that move when you begin to speak. Various commands that you can say also scroll past, faded slightly in the background. Calling people from our contacts list worked well when we said "Call" followed slowly by the person's name as it appears in our contacts. After doing so, the iPhone 3GS repeats back to you in a robotic female voice, "Calling NAME." If there are multiple numbers listed for an individual contact, the contact's name will appear on the screen with a notice saying, Multiple numbers, and the voice will say, "Call NAME. Home or Mobile?" Replying with one of the choices then dials that number.
    iPhone 3GS

  5. Wendy says:

    My 3G phone has become very sluggish, it has also lost the ability to power off and the touch screen is not as efficient, missing out letters when typing for example.

    I didn't upgrade at 4.0 as I heard of the issues associated with it but thought by 4.2 it would be ok. I only upgraded because there seemed to be the option to re-set it in iTunes, I tried, it didn't.

    How do I get it back to original OS?

  6. Strangely, setting up free Find My iPhone support for early iPhone/iPod Touch models can only be done indirectly. You need to update to iOS 4.2 and download the new 1.1 version of Find My iPhone (which is only compatible with iOS 4.2). For some reason, by default, the service can only be activated on current-model iOS devices: iPad, iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch. But once the service has been activated on one of these newer devices, it can then be used on any device running iOS 4.2, even an iPhone 3G. It’s a very strange workaround, but it does work.

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