Microsoft Touchscreen Technology Could Bring Braille To Mobile Devices

When it comes to touchscreen technology it excites us when a new patent has been put forward, and that is exactly what Microsoft has done. If accepted this could bring Braille to touchscreen mobile devices.

Microsoft’s new patent according to New Scientist reports that this new technology uses pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells that can be brought to the surface on the touchscreen individually.

Basically in simple terms it means shapes of objects would come to life on the devices screen, you will be able to feel objects as if it was real. It would probably work best on a bigger screen like a tablet.

According to Tech Radar the new is sprayed with polymer and it is this malleable coating that will react differently dependant on what type of UV light shining on it, no one knows for sure how long it will be before it is put to market but we will keep you posted.

If such technology does release to market this could bring the tablet/smartphone to blind people, the new technology could bring Braille onto mobile phones and tablets. It has been said that it may not come to mobile phone but tablet is most certainty, bit we would love this tech on mobile phones it stands to reason that this should happen.

Source — The Inquirer

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