Free HTC Desire Z Available Via Vodafone UK on Contract

If you would like to get your hands on the HTC Desire Z Android smartphone then check out the Vodafone UK deals we have here for you.

Yes the HTC Desire Z is now at last available via Vodafone UK and we have the price plans just for you, we was a little late on this news so all credit goes to our source who are Android Community via Engadget Mobile.

If you would like the Android handset for free you will need to go on the £35 per month on a two-year contract, you could spend only £199 for the handset and this will get you on the £25 a month on the same amount of contract time.

The price plans range from £25, £30, £35 and £50, you still here? Head on over to Vodafone UK and bag your HTC Desire Z Android smartphone. Please do check out Slash Gear’s full review here, nice.

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