Windows Phone 7 Unofficial Apps Via ChevronWP7 Tool

A few days ago we told you about the new ChevronWP7 unlock tool that could potentially render Windows Phone 7, well we have more solid information for you via a good source.

The new ChevronWP7 software tool will give Windows Phone 7 users and new route to Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace when it comes to app installations, this new tool was released last week and end users can add apps to their mobile devices directly. This means that you can skip Microsoft’s Zune software and the phone’s built-in application directory and installer according to Cnet.

Apparently this has not been designed for piracy of apps, but has been and to enable and create custom applications that would never make it to the Marketplace, ChevronWP7 has also been designed to skip Microsoft’s $99 developer registration fee, which you would need to enable the existing side-loading functionality on the device.

Microsoft is keeping side-loading of applications off its phones just like Apple do, other companies such as Nokia, Google, RIM and Palm OS-makers do allow users to install and run applications outside of a marketplace, but yet still offering one of their own.

Official ChevronWP7 website

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