Vodafone UK Mobile Data Roaming Charges Cut: Your Views?

Vodafone has at last announced that it has cut the European data roaming charges that now will cost as little as £2 per day for 25MB.

The new move from mobile network company Vodafone will take affect as of Wednesday where they will only charge £2 per day for up to 25mb of data for the casual user, and for regular travelers for the same allowance will be priced at £10 per month according to The Telegraph.

Does this mean that users will favour Vodafone over the likes of O2, T-Mobile, and Orange, T-Mobile charge £1.50 per MB whereas O2 and Orange charge £3 per MB, Vodafone beats them all by undercutting by some margin. Orange charges a massive £12 per month for 10MB of data and T-Mobile’s price of £10 for 50 MB used over the course of a month.

What do you think of the new European data roaming charges Vodafone has brought to the table? Will this entice customers to move over to this company?

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