BlackBerry Storm 2 Update Released by Verizon

It appears that although the BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone has been discontinued, Verizon Wireless hasn’t left owners in the lurch when it comes to operating system updates as apparently the Big Red has now released a new update for the aforementioned BlackBerry device.

According to an article over on Phone News, Verizon Wireless has begun rolling out the new update which delivers bug fixes and several enhancements to the BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone.

The improvements include smoother handoffs between coverage areas, improved audio on voice and DRM video, faster start up, and improved video playback via headset and media DRM files.

As for those enhancement to the BlackBerry Storm 2, the user can now enter in excess of 160 characters in a message when connected to a GSM/UMTS network, send texts to multiple people whilst receiving and inbound call, access multiple quick access widgets, widget support from VCast apps and smoother activation of enterprise secure wipe/lock IT policy sets.

So there you have it, seems BlackBerry Storm 2 users on the Verizon network haven’t been forgotten after all; feel free to let us know if anything else of interest pops up in this new update.


5 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 2 Update Released by Verizon”

  1. Derek says:

    This is the WORST update ever! When I heard about the update I was like, YES!!! Finally, a speedy blackberry with less bugs in it and some minor enhancements! Boy was I wrong! This update is a huge Reshard Evans kick to the face by Rim! I am done with Rim and will be moving on to Android finally. I guess we can expect this level of incompetence from a dying company. Man, I really liked Rim too..

  2. Garry Hobson says:

    Since my last update, I find that my clock bedside mode doesn't light up anymore. Not sure RIM will FIX the problem. My guess is that they will NOT.

    1. Chris Andria, AZ USA says:

      I had the same problem when I updated, fortunately for me, I have the Verizon Insurance, and when my phone was damaged for another unrelated issue, I swapped it out with a new one, and that one had the older OS version on it. I am not upgrading! My next phone will either be an IPhone 5 or an Android sometime in July.
      Blackberry is falling way behind, and its time to jumpship.. Too bad too, because I actually liked the Storm 2, they just needed to make it a little faster, and more upgradable.

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