Mobile Phone 2GB MicroSD Card Available from A-Data

If you use a mobile phone you probably use a microSD card for expanding your phone memory, and a new 2GB microSD card has now been made available from A-Data, the AUSD2GZ-R mincorSD card to be precise.

According to an article over on PC World by Madana Prathap, A-Data provide a Secure Digital slot adapter with the bundle so that the 2GB microSD card can be used with mobile devices which use an SD card slot rather than a microSD.

The managing director of Inspan Infotech, Sudhir S says “There is an explosion in the sales of smart phones and PDAs and this is causing the demand for related accessories like storage devices. MicroSD cards are best suited for this purpose given their light weight with higher storage capacities. Inspan recognizes this trend so as A-DATA and with increased focus wants to push this product.”

The A-Data 2GB microSD card also has a write-protection switch built in for customers that wish to use the card in read only mode and thus prevent the card being written over, and is available to purchase in stores commanding a price tag of Rs. 450 and comes with a 10 year warranty.

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