Eating Disorder Assessments App for iOS Devices

Eating disorders are serious behavioural health problems and you need something that can give you a little insight into how to find out if someone has an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, and if you have an iOS device the Apple has an app for that.

The Eating Disorder Assessment app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad poses several questions and answers that will help the user learn the warning signs and symptoms of several eating disorders so they can decide if a loved one is suffering from one.

The Eating Disorder Assessment app for iOS devices asked 6 questions such as “How can I tell if I, my child, or someone I know might have anorexia?” “How can I tell if my child or someone I know might have bulimia?” “How can I tell if I or my child might be a binge eater?” and delivers an explanation on how to assess each question to see if your loved one is a sufferer.

The app assessments have been based on surveys from medical and nursing texts, and the Eating Disorder Assessment app for iOS devices is available to download to your device from iTunes at a cost of just $0.99


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  1. michaela says:

    at the age of 12 when i started high school i got bullied a lot like name calling hiting me they started spreaing rumours about me. i strarted cutting down on my snacks less then what i use to eat bt then it just grow to me that it want really working so i stopped eating in school but i dint feel comfortable with it so i starte putting my fingers down my throat just through everything back up including my drinks. then i started to like the act of throughing everything up so i stopped eating completerly my parents want aware of what i was doing i was saying iv already eat something but then it started to get out of control i passed out throughing up blood i dint have any periods i count got to the toilet i just got completery out of hand. but then i realised what the effects it was haveing on my family so i wanted to do something about. i do worry about my weight alot now but i will never put my family through what the went through befor it's just an horrible experince.

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