Mobile Radio Apps Launching from Canada’s Astral

For Canadian mobile radio app fans that own iPhone, iPod, Apple iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices may soon be getting numerous new mobile radio applications from Astral Media.

According to an article over on The Globe and Mail, Astral Media will be launching mobiles apps for their 83 radio stations; Astral Media broadcasts the Virgin Radio format in 5 Canadian cities and numerous other stations across Canada.

The new applications will feature a live stream of any Astral owned radio station along with on demand content that will be specific to each radio station along the lines of new music, recordings from private performances and podcasts.

Astral Radio’s VP of content and platforms, Rob Farina says “A disproportionate amount of the population uses radio regularly, and that gives us a great ability to mobilize people around adoption of new platforms.”

Astral stations are basically music format and the firm is working on deals with artists to deliver new music on a first listen basis for users of the new applications along with enabling users to vote on the new music.

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