Guide for Black Ops iOS App

If you are a fan of Black Ops gaming and own an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad running iOS 3.0 or above what you need is a complete guide for Black Ops, and an iOS app is now available to download.

The Guide for Black Ops iOS app delivers real damage numbers for all weapons and attachments, is full featured with “Create a Class”, “Tactical Uses” for all equipment and weapons, detailed strategy with “All Perks”, “All Killstreaks” “All Attachments,” and “All Maps.”

Future releases of Guide for Black Ops for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad will also include zoom-able maps, sight views for all weapons, detailed strategy on all maps, spread patterns for all weapons and much more.

Guide for Black Ops for iOS devices is available to download to your mobile device at a cost of $2.99 by hitting up iTunes, but as a note, Guide for Black Ops is not endorsed or authorised by Activision or Treyarch.

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