Windows Phone 7 Gaining Huge Update in Jan

When Microsoft rushed out the Windows Phone 7 platform, so Microsoft are apparently pushing out the first update for Windows Phone 7 devices sometime in January 2011 with is said to be “massive.”

According to an article over on Techradar, and by way of WPCentral, the update will include numerous new features including multitasking support, custom ringtones, turn by turn navigation in Bing Maps and the biggie, copy and paste.

The word is that developers have already had a look at the new Windows Phone 7 build and have stated via Twitter, “MS took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years.”

Having said that in today’s mobile tech world it shouldn’t be that difficult to deliver such things as multitasking and copy and paste to any smartphone platform. Still January isn’t that far off before we find out exactly what the WP7 update will actually deliver and no doubt more will leak out beforehand.

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