UK Snowfall: Snow Weather iOS App

The snow is hitting the UK hard this year with many stranded and of course accidents all over is occurring, well we have an iOS app for you so you can keep an update on the UK snowfall.

The UK Snow application is very good indeed and is an iPhone version of uksnow.benmarsh.co.uk, you can send your own updates using the iPod Touch and iPhone’s location.

The app features a keep up-to-date with the UK Snow situation and also comes with Hybrid views, HiViz Icons, Map Terrain, improved web browser and timeline control.

You can even submit your own UK Snow updates via your Twitter account; you can however follow all the snow updates without a Twitter account. For more information please visit iTunes or simply go onto the App Store via your device and search ‘ UK Snow’.

This year is very bad and we ask you all to drive safely and take care, please do post your comments below of bad snow experiences.

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