Android Wireless Syncing By AirSync Available

There has been a way of syncing media to android smartphone for a while now from Double Twist, but it meant having to plug your device into your computer via USB cable to gain sync; however there is now another way without the need of a USB cable.

According to an article over on Modiputing, by way of Techcrunch, the guys over at Double Twist have now launched a new application called AirSync which syncs media to your Android handset wirelessly and without any requirement for cables.

So how does AriSync work? Well you’ll need to download the latest version of the doubleTwist program for Mac or PC and run it, you then install doubleTwist on your Android platform handset and click the AirSync icon to upgrade or you can also download the app from the Android Market.

You will then be given a passcode, select your device from the desktop app and enter that passcode which will pair your device with your computer after which you can select the data you wish to sync to your Android handset over a WiFi connection although apparently it does take a time to transfer the data.

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