AR Pursuit App for AR Drone Available: Demo Video

If you and your friends own an AR Drone to play with you might like to know that there’s a new multiplayer augmented reality game called AR Pursuit which has been especially developed for use with the AR Drone by Parrot.

And we are treated to a video teaser of AR Pursuit today courtesy of Thomas Ricker over at Engadget which lasts just one minute of showing off the AR Drones in action and shooting at them with such things as an atomic machine gun.

Apparently the AR Pursuit game is now available to download to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad at a cost of $2.99 by hitting up iTunes and is billed as “AR Pursuit will help you become an ACE pilot.”

So that’s about it all that remains is for you to head on down, slap that play button and check out some AR Pursuit action for yourself…enjoy.

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