HTC Gratia UK Release Date: Is It Too Expensive?

The HTC Gratia smartphone is still coming to the UK but to be honest do you really care? The handset is still coming but some suspect it is a little overpriced.

It is still set to release in the UK sometime in Q1 2010, seeing as this handset is a potential rival to the HTC Wildfire some say the later one is the one to choose, in Sweden the HTC Gratia is €399 (£335) and is not a price many will be happy with.

The handset has already started shipping in several European markets the UK is not one of them and this is why the delay rumours has hit the Web, TechRadar got in touch with HTC for some information and were notified that smartphone most certainly isn’t delayed, it is still coming on the original Q1 2011 as planned.

Would you consider buying the 3.2-inch display, 600MHz processor, 5-megapixel camera, running on Android 2.2 HTC Gratia when it finally releases?

Please let us know if you think the HTC Gratia is a little too expensive, would you choose this handset over the HTC Wildfire?

Source – TechWatch


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