Apple 3D Glasses-less Technology Patent Granted

In the world of technology gadgets it seems that 3D is the next big things and 3D without the need to use those awful 3D glasses to view 3D content, and the same goes for the smartphone arena, and one area Apple doesn’t want o miss out on.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, it looks like Apple is stepping into the 3D game and has apparently been granted a patent method of delivering 3D images without requiring the 3D glasses.

Apparently with Apple’s system every pixel is projected onto a reflective, textured surface and the pixels apparently bounce off to a viewers right and lefts eyes separately which gives the illusion of 3D, sound very high-tech to me.

Taking it a bit further the system means that Apple has come up with a way of detecting the location of both eyes of multiple viewers, which would need to happen as more than one person will probably view at the same time and front different angles.

However, even though Apple now has the patent it doesn’t mean this new 3D system will make it into the hands of the public anytime soon, but it does show that Apple is moving in the right direction, and could the new tech be eventually incorporated into future iPhone units?

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